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Thread: fixing grill of Apollo C51 speakers

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    fixing grill of Apollo C51 speakers


    i have bought a pair of Apollo C51 speakers for my dad. One of the grills has a hole of ~ 3" x 3", and my dad was not able to fix it. Can someone indicate me someone, that is able to make such a peace, to insert and fix the hole ?

    thanks Angelo

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    you make these grill replacements ? how mutch would it be ?


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    Your best recourse is to find an original grille as a replacement. Perhaps someone here has one available?

    Do a search here for C51 or Apollo.

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    I've never personally tried it but it seems you might be able to find JBL Lancer S99 grilles which have the same fretwork much easier and then do a cut & sub from each grille.

    That is, cut the hole to a more manageable space like a square, rectangle, or hole. Then cut out the same pattern out of the donor grille matching the pattern and probably make it slightly larger to allow for the blade tolerance.

    Then trial and error fit/match up dry, probably sanding or filiing to fit. That should get you into the ballpark fairly closely. Any cosmetic irregularities could then be filled in with wood putty.

    My bet would be the grilles would be similar colors but have aged or weathered differently. If noticeable, then a potential respray in the correct tan/brown shade would be the last required touch.

    The Lancer S99 system gets parted out much more frequently than an Apollo due to production numbers. Broken grilles can sometime be had so you don't have to cut a nice good grille. Look around on the auction site for JBL S99, Lancer and also check from where LE14 (via LE14* wildcard search) and LE20 and LX-44 crossovers are coming from. Sometimes a query to the seller will net they came from a battered or parted out Lancer S99 speaker. Maybe the grilles, broken in a place or two, are available for cheap or just shipping since they'd be thrown away anyway.

    My thoughts, but seems like a way restoration could proceed. Or have a woodworker who does something like parquet have a stab at it, cutting and filling in would be natural.


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