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Thread: LX8 Crossover wiring

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    LX8 Crossover wiring


    I am restoring a set of Barsilay cabs with LE14A and LE20 tweets....the wiring was not marked at tell me ....

    There are two black wires and one red and one green wire.....does anyone know which wire goes to which driver? I dont want to break the seal on the crossover and wondering if there is some way to tell....or where can I find a schematic....

    Thanks for the help....Shaan

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    If I remember correctly the LX8 was wired the same as the LX14 here in figure C.



    1 is green and goes to LE14 +
    2 is black and goes to LE14 -
    3 is black and goes to LE20 -
    4 is red and goes to LE20 +

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