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Thread: Altec 290-8L Fantastic Midrange

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    Altec 290-8L Fantastic Midrange

    I got these Altec 290-8L a few months ago and i finally got to try them. I'm really surprise how good the midrange are on these drivers, especially on vocals. even in this crude setup i can tell it has lots of potential. Its so good i was up past midnight listening to music in mono (i only connected it to one channel for testing) until the wife shotdown the party

    anyways, have you guys compared this to Altec 288 G or K in the 500hz to 5000hz range? i wonder which one sounds better in that region. i'm deciding between the 288 G, K and 290-8L for my 3 way speaker project. I haven't heard the 288G, K before so i cannot compare.
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