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Thread: 120ti vs L112 comparison?

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    120ti vs L112 comparison?

    I was wondering if anyone with experience listening to both the 120ti and the L112 could comment on the difference in their sound. I have several L112s and have been bouncing around the idea of upgrading to the 120ti for my office/electronic workshop/reference speakers. I picked up the cabs and crossovers yesterday, and have several decent 128Hs, I would have to pick up 104Hs and rare 044ti tweeters. Are they significantly better then the L112s, The L112 highs are getting a little screachy for me and I have been considering replacing them with 034ti, 035ti, 053ti, 044ti. Also is the 104h a significant upgrade to the LE5? Also did they make a version with the 2214h woofers, and if so how can I tell if the crossovers are for the 128H or 2214hs (or if there is any difference at all).

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    Re: 120ti vs L112 comparison?

    The 120Ti is the next generation after the L112. I've A/B'd them extensively. I'm going to try not to get into my personal preferences because they are irrelevant. I can tell you a few facts.

    The 044Ti has significantly greater bandwidth than the 044. The 044 in the L96/L112/L150A/L250 is 6 dB down at ~ 18 kHz. The 044Ti in the 18Ti/120Ti/240Ti/250Ti is 6 dB down at ~ 27 kHz. The 044Ti has a lower moving mass and is more efficient. It is not a good idea to replace the aluminum-phenolic domed, copper coiled 044 with any of the titanium domed, aluminum coiled drivers without crossover changes.

    The 104H lacks the same rising response of the LE5. The LE5 rises roughly 9 dB from ~ 1 kHz to ~ 6 kHz. The 104H rises roughly 4 dB from ~ 1 kHz to ~ 5 kHz. The LE5 gets a bit ragged above ~ 6 kHz whereas the 104H simply rolls off smoothly above ~ 5 kHz.

    I've been told the 128H-1 has a stiffer suspension than the 128H so it is a bit more linear.

    The 2214H was used in the lower cost L Series rather than the Ti Series. It should be noted that the 2214H was also used in the next generation XPL Series that replaced the Ti Series.

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    I prefer the 120s by a bunch. Cannot explain why.....just do!

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