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Thread: Mid bass for 2123

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    Mid bass for 2123

    I am new to the forum. Based on what I have learned here I have purchased two JBL 2123 mid range drivers. Based on my extremely limited knowledge it seems that the 2123's will be good down to 300 Hz or so. I am looking for a 'woofer' to mate with the 2123's to go from 80 Hz to 300 Hz. This is a long term project but will eventually be electronically xover'd 4 way with a separate sub. I already have the sub so it is not necessary to the mate of the 2123's to go into the 'sub' range.

    I am looking for a good match for the sound of the 2123 with a good deal of impact in this range. Currently I am thinking the 2226 might be a good match.

    Forgive me if my questions are too revealing of my limited knowledge.

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    2123's rock, I have had 2225's under them, not bad, 2226's (about the same) and currently E130's (with felt caps) they are fast!

    With a pair of GTI1800's for subs its geting there.

    Have fun.

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    E-145's are a good combination but you really need subs under them.

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    Thanks Rob. I have been doing some more reading and read a post where you were using the E145's and experimenting with 300, 400, and 500 Hz crossovers. Seems that the E145's, 2206's, 2225's and 2226's are all useful for the same frequency range. Can someone please explain how each of these blend with the 2123's.

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