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Thread: BSS Omnidrives Vs DBX Driverack

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    the dBX Driverack 260 is digital

    and has no pots, comes preloaded with a lot of JBL speaker profiles too. It was reasonably easy to setup, even for an old fart like me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caladois View Post
    I am nearly going on a digital XTA pocessor. Did anyone had experience with ?
    I have a few, and have used nearly all in the DP-series. I have worked them both on the face, and thru AudioCore software on my laptop.

    xta's are great sounding, fabulously powerful units. I never tour without one, even if we are using installs the entire run. I route my xta into the signal path, bypassing all the Omnidrives/minidrives and Driveracks I encounter.

    If you get one, try and use the AudioCore software - it provides excellent graphical representation of your chosen band passes and applied fliters, shown with gains, and without.

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    I'm owner of two DBX PA two EV DX38 and two XTA DP226 . If you have the money
    then go for XTA !

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