I bought a pair of L250s which are in very rough shape. I have enough parts to make standard 250TI or a TIBQ 250 TI and copying the CC part
to make them almost exactly the same (the Ti have 14-3 while these will have 14-1).

While waiting for that to be do done I want to do a quick and dirty repair on 1 to set as the center for those special movies/concerts/etc. Currently using 2 18TI. I don't want to replace XO yet but I want to make the best of driver choices. I replaced the 108 w/another 108. It has a completely concave and ripped cone LE5-11. the choices are a used 104h which will be perm after refinish the whole job,a new 104-2, the LE5-11 from the other 250 which is pushed in smooth but not ripped.

The tweeter is a gold 044 I believe, pushed in of course. Choice are the rippled but not pushed in tweeter from other 250, 044 aluminum, or the 044ti.

The goal is to sound like the 250TIs (Timbre matched?) more than than to be technically correct or accoustically refined with out damaging anything if it gets LOUD

My guess is I should use the TI componets even though the XO is not the match but I am hoping to get opinions or maybe even facts from people that know!!

Thanks much