Hello all;

I happened across the JBL Heritage website by doing a JBL-related search.
Very nice site - great to see all the loyal JBL fans out there...

I am 57 years old and an industrial electrician by trade. I own 2 JBL
speaker systems - an old pair of L100s and a pair of JBL "Sovereign"
speaker systems. I bought the L100s in the 1970s (new) and the JBL
Sovereigns (used) in 1980.

The L100s are without the foam grilles; they fell apart quite some time
ago, due to their old age. Also, one of the systems had the mid-range
and tweeter drivers replaced. The replacement drivers are not JBL but
they still sound just fine.

I bought the "Sovereign" speaker systems (and matching equipment
cabinet) in 1980. Evidently, these Soverigns were bought / ordered as
a "kit;" they did not have either the S7 or S8R drivers and cross-over
networks installed.

They came equipped with the LE14, the PR15, the LE175 and the 075
drivers installed in each, along with the lower-power cross-over net-
works. The cabinets are of the "Golden Oak" finish and they still look
very good.

Over the years, the Sovereigns have had some modifications made to
them. One of the LE14 woofers developed a rubbing voice coil so I
replaced both with the JBL Pro 2235H low-frequency drivers. I also
replaced the cross-over networks with the higher-power JBL Pro

I would eventually like to replace the LE175 mid-range drivers / horns
with the 375 or the JBL Pro 2440 drivers or something similar, but I
have yet to locate a source where I could pick them up at what I
consider a "reasonable" price. If anyone has any leads on something
such as this, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

I listen mainly to older "Classical (hard) Rock" and classical pipe organ
music, as well as theatre-type pipe organ music, such as Leon Berry
used to play on the Wurlitzer pipe organs at the Hub Skating Rink in
Chicago, IL and the one that he had installed in the basement (!) of
his Chicago-suburb home.

Good luck to all and enjoy your JBL speakers!

Brad Anbro