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Thread: jbl d123 + tweeter?

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    jbl d123 + tweeter?

    Hey guys,

    I ve been reading the forum for quite a while now, actually since I bought a pair of vintage JBL C 36 (with d123 and le-20 drivers). I immediately fell in love with the sound, especially the quick and punchy bass.
    My only regret is that the le-20 is completely obsolete by today tweeters standard. Therefore i'd like to build all new cabinets for the d 123 ( with larger volume ) and get new tweeters.
    As the d123 gets beamy at arround 2 or 3 khz I'm in need of a tweeter that can go low enough and match the sensitivity of the d123 ( 98db). jbl bullet tweeters (O75/2402) would seems to be the perfect candidate but it is quite expensive and replacement diaphragms are hard to get (especially in Belgium!), also, 075/2402 frequency responses seems to be limited to 15khz.

    Since it is my first DIY project, I would like to keep it "basic", so for me it means a two way speaker.
    So if anyone has any suggestions at all concerning a tweeter that can go low enough (2khz) and has a high sensitivity (100db or more), please let me know



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