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Thread: Thanks Edgewound!

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    Thumbs up Thanks Edgewound!

    Just picked up both pair of the 2203 woofs and 2203 midbasses from Ken (aka Edgewound). I'll tell you what, two of those 2203's in a box is a heavy sucker! Ken and I had a nice mexican lunch and good conversation before I had to head back to work.

    I did want to try them before I went back and they got dropped in as soon as I got home. Ken did a beautiful job on all the drivers. The smell of fresh JBL glue on fresh surrounds poured out of the warm boxes and I found it best to lay the speakers on their back.

    Kicked on the vintage ESS Eclipse 500A and threw in a CD featuring Bob James and Kirk Whalum in the Sony Pro player. Tune #9 on "Joined at the Hip" is just stunning. Talk about a piano and sax combination pouring effortlessly out of a nice pair of JBL's. That's the deal. The 2405 and 2105 pulled in the high end very nicely, with crisp detail. The four way allowed the full range of the piano notes to come on out, versus the woofer having to do some of that work.

    And speaking of woofer, while the 4315 doesn't go as low as my L-300's, the bass is still quite punchy and tight. You can definitely feel it and it is very solid. The only regret was that I wasn't able to open up a bottle of Stone IPA and keep the discs pulling through the CD player.

    Thanks Ken, for the excellent workmanship. The 2203 has the absolute correct thin surround and it's all good!

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    I should jump in this too, lets see,,,

    A 2206
    4 2123's
    4 2204's
    2 2342's new
    2 2404's brand new!
    4 E130's brand new!!! How cool is that!?!

    A bunch of small service parts, diaphragms and outstanding workmanship , all in one place.

    You have become one of my favorite places to shop!

    Your the best, thanks indeed!

    I can quit audio anytime I want!

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