The Lansing unit i have posted on ebay is creating activity I have not seen with any other item I have auctioned, I have been messaged by a few people who own 284's - 285's and 287's.
and have been told many things that may interest you guys.

These three Lansing drivers where manufactured in three different field variations

*2.75 ohms DCR for 8V supply
*635 ohms for 110V supply
*2500 ohm for 220V supply

The unit I have is the 2.75 variation which I am guessing is an earlier model.

I was also told that the B.A.F. unit I am selling on ebay was likely manufactured by Lansing as it is virtualy the same.
Theory behind this is that Lansing wanted to clear inventory of the patent infringing 284's /early 285's which incorporated the phase plug design as the Western Electric 594a, So they sold them to other companies overseas. This would make alot of sense as the B.A.F. unit I am auctioning is an 8V supply unit like my early 285, aside from screws It also has two (pins/rivets) on the plate covering the phase plug.
I am guessin this addition was to prevent it being casually opened to inspect the design of the phase plug.

I was also told by another source it is likely Lansing manufactured the IPC version LU-1010 drivers and the Permanent magnet Kallee model 379.

I was also given so insight on Jim Lansing. By a guy from Salt Lake Utah, 50 miles from where Jim Lansing built his first speaker.
He told me when he was younger Lansing and Frank McIntosh where heros of his.
He informed me Lansing and McIntosh had never met, yet had a symbiotic relationship, there was a strange jealousy between them.
This gentleman told me he stayed at the McIntosh's family residence on several occasions in Arizona.
He informed me their house on LaMar Drive was similar in shape to a JBL Paragon. When this was pointed out to McIntosh's son Don "he growled, and then he laughed. He then said I was correct, and they had never looked at it that way before. He then refered to a Paragon as ONE OF THOSE HUGE THINGS. But, so was their house, curved front and all"

I hope I have shed some unseen light on the History of things.