OK, this may be something only I am interested in, but here are my thoughts on a DIY L220. I have a pair of LE14A's. I just got 4 10" PR. Now two 10" PR are just about equal to one 15", so I am thinking it ought to work. My question to this forum is: how do I tune the PR-10's? I am assuming I take 1/2 the volume and the Fs of the LE14A and use that for the tuning of each PR-10. Yes??
Also, since the L-94 lens is basically non-existent, I was going to make a short horn/wave guide to place the midrange voice coil in the same plane as the LE-14. Can anyone give me the acoustic response of the filter used to compensate for the lens? I am assuming I would start by just eliminating it and then seeing what effect my wave guide has and go from there.
Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome!