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Thread: Looky what I got! 1 Owner L100s off DC CL

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    Looky what I got! 1 Owner L100s off DC CL

    Saw them on the DC Craigslist today -
    apparently they were posted yesterday at 3:40 and must have missed the lunchtime lookers ...

    ================================================== ===
    JBL Loud Speakers - Set of 2 - $## (McLean)

    Reply to:
    Date: 2008-04-30, 3:34PM EDT

    Pair of JBL loudspeakers - wonderful sound, grill (foam) is missing but can be easily replaced. Great for some youngster to "tinker" with. Purchased in
    1976, still have original manual. Finish is oiled walnut. Asking $##.00.

    ================================================== ===

    Based on comments from all of you I figured it was a reasonable shot, if they were in halfway decent shape.
    So I sent off an email and waited.

    But by the time they called me back they had bumped them to 4x the price (still a killer deal!) ...

    They said they'd had quite a few interested folks and someone was looking at them when they called me,
    but if they didn't buy them I could look at them this evening.

    We went by, checked them out (Aja, Diana Krall, David Sylvian 88 Live show), and decided to pick them up.
    They looked good and sounded good -
    the guy was running them with an old Sansui 9010 he got with them at the base exchange in Germany ... back in the day.

    I unhooked them and connected his spares in their place - a pristine set of Bose 301s (!)

    We just got them home, and after a quick wipe with a bit of Howard's orange oil, they're cleaning up nicely ...

    Now I need to check in with Indycraft or sonofagun for some foam!
    Although - I do have a pair of the Eames style L88 grills that I've always loved the look of ...
    probably need to redo the grillcloth for them, but they fit just inside the L100 grillframes like they were made for that use ...

    More Pix tonight ...
    ($ prices removed to avoid souring the market, and to favour the innocents)
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    2ch: Oppo, JoLida 502CRC, JBL L212, 18ti,240ti; Heath AS101, Von Schweikert VR4
    7.1: Oppo BDP103D, B&K, UREI 809A, JBL B460

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    Great score, Heather!!!


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    What color are you gonna go with for the foam?

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    Nice grab- you building an extension onto your house as an excuse for yet another pair of JBLs? Mine sound good on that Yamaha power amp you borrowed from me, fire 'em up!


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    Past practice indicates future behavior.

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    Let's see them puppies with their grilles off!

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