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Thread: Odeon Leicester Square a JBL installation.

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    JBL 4645

    Smile Odeon Leicester Square a JBL installation.

    Keeping again in trend with JBL in the West End London here is separate thread, that like to also keep isolated from the other cinema sites and if I can get anymore images in the future Iíll update it.

    So here is the Odeon Leicester Square called screen 6, why itís called screen 6 makes no sense at all, since its Odeonís flagship. Anyway here are the rough pros and cons of this JBL installation.

    Walking into the main foyer there are four JBL located in the ceiling above, Iím sure Iíve seen these somewhere before not sure if there part of the JBL control family as I couldnít see too clearlyÖthe small print on the JBL badge, so if anyone can ID LOL these JBL go head.

    Counting up the clusters arrays of JBL 8340 was somewhere around 44 thou had to hold up my and hand to cover out the light glare, and Iím sure I counted up to 44 if not 37??? Iíd have to do a recount around May 22nd.

    The Odeon uses the JBL 5000 series screen arrays five-screen arrays!

    The clusters of speakers are suspended in mid air by a crane support rig able to withstand the massive bulk weight of the five JBL 5000. Found this image not at the Odeon site but elsewhere, it shows you the size and scale of the huge beasts.

    I believe there are new stack of JBL amplifiers, consisting of 20! Here is a short video made by Fred a former projectionist of Empire. It shows you around the refit that Odeon undertook a few yeas ago.

    Odeon L Sq 1998 Refit 3

    So what does it sound like?

    Well I had a sneak peek last Sunday a mare 1 hour before the doors opened and its got a slight air-conditioning noise that is very low level. But now and then you can hear the London underground trains some 100 feet below, they ether bend off, slightly to right-hand-side while facing the front of the screen because, tube station entrance for Leicester Square is straight ahead about, 800 feet or less down the main street in Leicester Square.

    So thatís the noise background level which must have been around 40dbc, I did have my SPL db meter with me, but it would be useless because the lowest scale reading is 50dbc, I might have moved if I keep it on fast weighting.

    Bass level was amble in the auditorium with occasional peaks that reached near to 110dbc, thou it was really hard to tell if it was coming from the stage channels or the sub bass channel?

    Stereo fronts where very narrow and the further you move away from the fronts the less and less the stereo becomes, I mean you might as well be watching a TV with stereo speakers ten feet away!

    It had the odd left and right pan that I heard but the participation with it was extremely poor in seat number J 23 which was slight in front of the sidewall JBL 8340, this is on the lower level.

    I sat in the circle back in 1993 Last Action Hero 70mm Dolby stereo SR and I wasnít really impressed with the fronts stereo and the JBL at the time where JBL 4675-A and JBL 8330 surrounds the sun bass JBL 4688 x2 remains the same even today as far as to my knowledge?

    Stereo surrounds weíre less impassive than I would have expected with the digital Dolby presentation of Leatherheads (2008) starring and directed by George Clooney with little miss squinty eyes Renée Zellweger. I swear I nodded off not because the film was boring, but I havenít slept for nearly 20 hours!

    Okay the sound really didnít get my addition! Unlike the Empire Leicester Square screen 1with itís drooling THX 56KW.

    Seating and comport! You know those seats that I was, well I havenít got the dosh for those as of yet, and these where the same type only, covered in leopard skin, and I really felt a bit claustrophobic seated amongst them, I could even test my arm on the seat beside me, you thou to stretch out, so no wonder they have a bundle they what to toss away, still £10.00 pound seat is better than kick in the teeth.

    Image was rock steady colours looked lush and rich, but the screen had a slight bow on the top and bottom and that was really off putting.

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    JBL 4645

    Odeon Leicester Square Friday October 2nd 2009

    Looks like Bruce is playing again back in Leicester Square too bad he canít benefit from Empireís 56KW JBL THX sound system!

    Well they can keep him because I vowed never again to go to this cinema, not after that dreadfully George boring Clooney Leatherheads! Come on George boring Clooney cough up my £13.50p you dodgy git!
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs down Avatar Odeon Leicester Square

    Avatar premiered last Friday night, at the Odeon Leicester Square and Empire Leicester Square. Good luck James Cameron.

    Itís too bad itís playing exclusively at the Odeon Leicester Square screen 6, and not the Empire screen 1, because I wonít even take my, cat to the Odeon to spray on its floor! Itís got lousy sight line in the lower stalls due to the Frankenstein seating and the deep depth stage! Lousy stereo front in lower stalls centre only makes it sound like Vitaphone from the 1920ís!

    Sub bass that sounds feels like common home TV set in the corner or the room!

    Surrounds that sound like Bose even thou they use JBL sigh.

    No I will not go to this cinema ever, ever again and pay there rip off prices for single ticket. God knows how much for 3D ticket is going to cost?

    Part 1 of 5 - Avatar - World Premiere - London - Arrivals

    Part 2 of 5 - Avatar - World Premiere - London - Arrivals

    Part 3 of 5 - Avatar - World Premiere - London - Arrivals

    Part 4 of 5 - Avatar - World Premiere - London - Arrivals

    Part 5 of 5 - Avatar - World Premiere - London - Arrivals

    Avatar - World Premiere

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