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Thread: 299-16 on MRII564 mantaray

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    299-16 on MRII564 mantaray

    I just got two 299-16 drivers on MRII564 mantaray horns (actually one horn got tossed during dismantiling) . I can't find any disscusion of these drivers and horns. Would these mate well with 2235's and 2405's in a three way or would they be overkill? Your expert opinions would be greatly appreciated! --- Passive or active? --- jaybird

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    With an active crossover they should sound good The Altec 299 is rated at 50 watts AES and the Mantaray horn is wide dispersion 60 X 40 .

    An all Altec system would sound better and be more efficient.

    You've got yourself an expensive sound system that will require a good amp to use it at it's full potential.


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