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Thread: Advice for crossover selection/biamping

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    Recieved my ashely crossover today. Its a little worn but its okay as long as its working which i dont now yet. Need cables and amps
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    Quote Originally Posted by boputnam View Post
    No to digital. It is not required nor advised for this application.

    You don't need time-alignment - these cabinest sound fine without it.

    Stay analogue whenever you can. There are plenty of good economical options, analogue, to fit your needs with great results.

    Oh, and Japer - better refurbish those Lansalloy surrounds soon as you can.
    Ok nice to hear. Now a lot of you have adviced me for going analouge. Thats what I was looking for when I started this thread. So great that you almost all agree that it have to go analogue when using the money i am. And especially after I just bought the Ashley. Will take a look at the lansaloy too. Will just have to decide whether to get new le14 in them and keep the old originals or just save the money and refoam the originals.

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