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Thread: Explain Tad woofers ???? Help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephane RAME View Post
    The big sound
    thanks for the picture.

    looks good from here .

    seems these sound quite good as well -

    Quote Originally Posted by Harvey Gerst View Post
    I assume everybody here knows that Bart Locanthi designed the TAD stuff.
    looks like Bart is the father of the modern low frequency loudspeaker.

    and utilized computers even before they were digital.

    and all tube.

    all analog.

    you just know those computers sound better ...

    looks like Shozo Kinoshita did design for tad as well -

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    Quote Originally Posted by richluvsound View Post

    they were about 7000 euro's . The 1102 (woofer) is discontinued, the 2002 ,you can get them for 1250 euro each, and the horn ???? maybe someone could make you one . I only know of one person I would ask

    I just visited Rich in London and really enjoyed his TAD 4003/1601c monitor. I have heard many Cessaros before but frankly these simple TAD monitors integrated so much more nicely. I am also investigating Altecs. Overall he had excellent flow with high resolution and openness like the TAD drivers are known for, and great integration in the bass.

    Does anyone here especially in the EU have TAD speakers that they are running on SETs? I would like to listen to similar speakers on SETs.


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