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    DBX 223XL

    <LI class=features>XLR balanced ins and outs <LI class=features>Mode switch for stereo 2-way or mono 3-way operation <LI class=features>Low frequency summed (subwoofer) output <LI class=features>x10 range switch on both channels <LI class=features>40Hz high pass (low cut) filter both channels <LI class=features>Phase reverse switch on all outputs <LI class=features>Individual level controls on all outputs <LI class=features>24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filters (the professional standard) <LI class=features>Stereo/Mono status LEDs indicate the selected mode <LI class=features>dbx 2 year parts and labor as standard <LI class=features>CSA NRTL/C approved <LI class=features>CE compliant
    I have recently purchased the above unit to evaluate an entry level LR 4th order analogue active crossover and for use with seperate sub woofer crossover for a new surround sound project.

    It has a sturdy chassis and solid feel, quality XL sockets and dedented level controls. There are a few useful feature the most of which is push button phase reversal for both high and low pass filterr including those listed above.

    RRP is AUD $420 I got it for AUD$299.

    To sum up, simple and easy to use. Plenty of headroom, reasonably clean without too much a hint of electronic glare or brightness (like the JBL 5235 and some digital loudspeaker processors ) although it lacked the ultimate transparency and purity of a true SOA class A active crossover.

    If you have mid range amps and signal/source / path this would be a good buy and a good entry point into biamping.

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    Dear Ian,

    I m using multiple dbx 223 and 234 crossovers here at the bar and in my personal rigs.

    They are easy to work with. Very straight forward in their controls, and seem to be very reliable.

    I have been buying them on the 'bay, as others have gone to driveracks. Price on them is very good. Usually $150usd for a 234, $175 for 234xl. Even less for the 223 two-way model.

    For all trying to biamp or triamp, they are a good deal.

    And yes, I love the phase invert buttons on the front!

    One step above: "Two Tin Cans and a String!"
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