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    Quote Originally Posted by Fangio View Post

    Most consumer tech sheets are here...

    Technical Reference - Read Only > Links > JBL Consumer Tech Sheet Links
    This quoted post gave me the idea for this thread...

    Most Pro tech sheets can be found direct also, on the JBL Pro website:

    There use Links:
    - "Technical Library" for all manner of white papers and other.
    - "Product Guide", then "Vintage Products" - page down for your cabinet


    - JBL Pro Technical Manuals PDF Navigation
    - Studio Monitor Series


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    Hello Bo

    Here's a bunch of cross referenced links I put up some time ago to add to yours.




    Driver Sheets

    Buried in the Techmanual Page

    Current Drivers

    Vintage Brochures

    Tech Library

    We can set up the links in catagories like Vintage Monitors and have:


    System Reference

    Available Techsheets

    Crossover Schematics: Where Tech Sheets are not available

    Look up the Network in the System Reference Sheet First

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