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Thread: Back in the 50s, a new Hartsfield is built

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    JBL's PL-100 Vacuum Tube Amplifier

    I do not want to hijack this thread, perhaps it is interesting: The PL-100 was made and constructed for the Hartsfield speaker in1960. It fits in the spaces to the right and left of the tweeter in the rear compartment at the top of the Hartsfield speaker cabinet. Only 5 stereo systems were made in this series and one is in Sweden as the author amd owner claims. (I have a HTML page from 2003 here.) Fortunately some informations are republished by the owner in vintage audioasylum in 2008.
    Made in only 10 system (5 Stereo system).Today there is only one working stereo system I know about (it's my system). (uses 6pcs 6973 in each ch.) (20+40watt/ch)2*60W total 1st stage 1 12ax7 from "Telefunken"; It was the best tube 2nd stage 12BH7 3rd stage Ecc83/12AT7 4th stage Ecc81/12AT7 (phasesplit) 5ft 6973
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    wonderful , great found. Thank you for the pictures and the link. In the plans of Hartsfields there is a cutout for a Amp. This is, however "This cutout requiered only when JBL solid state energizer is installed" labeled. It is also a tube amp for the Hartsfield gave me was unknown. Die Frequenzweiche wurde deutlich, built-in-Verstärker.
    The Hartsfied the first active speaker? I always say there's nothing really new in the Lautsprechertechnk for more than 50 years.



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