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Thread: Reconing a D130F

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    Reconing a D130F

    I need a D130F.
    I have been offered 2 baskets for $50.
    I'm here to obtain knowledge about a reconing service.

    ?? I haven't seen a reputable service recommended on this forum...if it is inappropriate to post a name-telephone nr here, can you privately post me with a recommendation (or even who to stay away from) - my email is (re exposing my email...I get so much spam now that any additional spam won't be noticed)

    For anyone not having a reconer's name on the tip of their tongue, what do you consider a typical cost for this service? I would assume s/h would add an additional $20 or so.

    I will wish to have the F type rubberized cone periphery and assume all reconers offer this. Comments?

    I heard that JBL no longer offers reconing service? Comments?

    What am I missing here? What can go awry buying baskets in a poke? Comments?

    Judging by watching eBay, the value of a freshly reconed D130F is between $130 and $180. My interest is NOT profiting on this but want to exchange my Peavy guitar amp spkr with the D130F and not disturb the pair of 1957 D130's which gather dust in my music room. Comments? TIA

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    Where are you located?


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    These guys are great.

    Their prices are about average. The D130 recone is $182 each. One thing to look out for is frequently the "recently reconed" speakers offered on eBay are not using JBL parts. After market parts are significantly cheaper. I wouldn't use them myself, but many people are happy with them.

    Since shipping is also an issue, you should call or e-mail JBLPro and get a recommendation for a reconer in your area.


    Good luck,


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    Re: Reconing a D130F

    Originally posted by Paul Bennett
    I need a D130F.

    I will wish to have the F type rubberized cone periphery and assume all reconers offer this. Comments?
    It was never a "rubberized cone periphery" treatment. We used it on the D123 as an edge damping "goop", and I used it on the "F" series for some damping, but mainly to prevent the surround from drying out and cracking - a common problem with standard JBL speakers that wound up in guitar amps before the introduction of the "F" series.
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    Harvey, would you have any idea, if that Waldom/Image Comm. surround treatment "goop" is similar enough to the original JBL "goop", to work the same? It's hard to find stuff like that, that stays flexy and sticky enough to act the same. The Image stuff is the most "rubbery" I've found so far; most of the stuff I've found is more "plasticky"... it tends to get too hard when cured, and throws off the resonance of the speaker (too stiff, resonance goes too far up in frequency). I've needed this, both for repairing JBL stuff, but mainly for other more obscure speakers from other vintage brands (like the pair of Goodmans Axiom 301 12" drivers I'm working on now). Unfortunately, on those, there is no equivalent to the JBL factory recone kits... us repairers are on our own, pretty much, when it comes to parts.

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