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Thread: Jbl pro audio pa subwoofer plans

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    Steve, I have FOUR J HORN FOLDED HORNS TOO. And corner loaded double 18in scoops.

    The J HORNS? Each cabintet is 7ftH x 7ftW, x 22in D! This was the horn for skating rinks. My place has alot of similartiy.

    Each horn has 1 18 in it, and basically is a huge folded hyperbolic horn, firing down onto a scoop type extension.

    They were designed for Eminence woofers, and I use their Sigma Pro 18, and what four of these do, on 1 Crown PSA-2, 225w a driver, FRANKENSTEIN!

    One day, I took 2 PSA-2,s strapped em in mono, 1 amp per pair of J HORNS.

    The room looked like it was shaking, they put out SO MUCH my eyballs were literally vibrating in my head. It was TOO much though. Back to one amp, in stereo.

    See, THEY KICX, BUT, my ported boxes play that DEEP SHIT, SO, I want that too. It combines nice.

    All my 15,sare horn loaded, and I put my TAD 1603,s in them, all BGW 750G powered, THE BASS SHUDDERS THE BUILDING!

    And I put a McIntosh 2125 on my 6 lens horns, VERY NICE! Dimensional, and pretty sounding.

    Specially modified Bryston 10B,s or HIGHLY modded Urei 525 for full range active crossovers, depends what mood Im in!

    Hot rodded crossover for tweetes and subs, special gain structure, and other tricks.


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    Oh goodness...I see... It's good that there are guys like you who us men can point our wives too and say, "See, this speaker is not THAT big." Do you have any pics of the big horns?

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    When im done, pics will go up online. NO BS, I got a NEW computer, and digital cam.

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