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Thread: Small but perfectly formed JBL home cinema

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    JBL 4645
    I did a quickie video lasting 10min while I monitor the sound over the LCR I’m not focusing on the surrounds tonight that’s for another day.

    I go though muting HF left and right and left and right and centre and given where the SPL db metre is placed it still missed the word “inexpensive” on the playback by a few db masking of left and right fronts. It’s getting near, its close to where it should be for clear reproduction.

    SPL db was set at 70dbc so it slightly overloaded on the youtube recoding level at few moments. I should have set it at 80dbc.

    Contrast and brightness levels wash the image out on the cheap webcam! The LCD video projector is picked up clearer on the webcam. You get what you pay for.

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    JBL 4645

    The Fly II (1989)

    Re-listened to a few brief sounding moments from “The Fly II” (1989) the effects and Foley sounds clearer practically with chapter 22 as Martin Brundle fly footsteps slap down on right and left with half pans in the centre gives it wide front with clear centre sound.

    The gene swapping sequence circles around when Bartok yells out "No" and "No" fades as sparkly crackles energize within the pod his voice starts to move right and then in one last "NOOOOOO" echoes left and back to centre slightly louder and then in one circular uniformed motion of sweeping (whoosh) over to the surrounds, as teleporter booms with thumb as the subject is teleported from one pod to the next pod.

    I just like listening to discrete vintage Dolby stereo films and this was produced in Dolby stereo SR when released theatrically.

    I saw The Fly II in two different type of cinema auditoriums first was Odeon screen 1 Bournemouth, when it opened nationally and back when I wasn’t as cynical as I’m today about being peaky with classy sounding cinemas.

    It was only presented in optical type A Dolby stereo as the processor Dolby CP50 was only fitted with type A cards.

    The next time I saw late night Fly night of The Fly and The Fly II back to back at ABC screen 2 I think early (1990's) and I believe they had type SR cards as well as type A for the screen on Dolby CP55.

    The Odeon was an equal shape for sound and not bad fair acoustics. The ABC screen 2 is an oddly shaped cinema not easy to find a decent seat it takes a bit of trail and error, once the best row is found the surround effects mono matrix surround nicely expect for the LCR fronts was far too narrow for middle row at the back, you’d need to be at least a few rows from the front for decent stereo over left and right stage fronts.

    Still it was creepy night of flies buzzing around my ears practically with The Fly II as the opening has you waving your hands around your ears fooling the ear into believing a dozen flies, yeah, you get the idea!

    I don’t like fly’s they sit on dog crap and suck it up! :barf:

    It’s also a bit toppy bright harsh on the high frequencies at times mostly with the Christopher Young score this is where its needed to send shivers down your spine when Dr. Shepard finds Dr. Janeway hanging up on the ceiling in bloody mess. Well these aren’t nice doctors and Martin wasn’t revenge.

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    JBL 4645

    Leviathan (1989)

    I can’t resist re-listening to “Leviathan” (1989) this has to be the #1 film/DVD over Avatar (2009) and its hopeless dtsHDMA on bluray.

    The sound of the whales opening panning from front to back sounds harmonistically its like being there going deeper and deeper under the ocean fading from blue well blue atmosphere that cocoons the earth miles above the clear transparency of the ocean.

    I just like listening to matrix vintage Dolby stereo films and this was produced in Dolby stereo SR.

    You’re skin changes?

    -Yeah, it blackens. It gets scaly.
    -What, like a fish?
    -Yeah, like a fish.
    - I was just joking, Doc.

    Between some half panned sounds that blend onto the centre in a Dolby stereo matrix playback when Beck places his hand on the shower door in Leviathan (right front) the sound is also partly on the centre. Hard pans or sound frequencies tend to be the correct location.

    I add a bit more extra delay on the centre of each output LF and HF
    Distance 6.89feet
    Delay 6.35m/s

    This helped to improve the Foley hand effect as it touches the shower door on the right front.

    It’s only an illusion and if it works why knock it.

    I have a different idea in mind that I will look into later on in the day.

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    JBL 4645
    Okay plan B is to wire up as its not wired up at present this fails never to widen the fronts further.

    Quote Originally Posted by JBL 4645 View Post
    Okay what Iíve done is sent centre from the main AVR decoder to the Yamaha DRP-100 seen in the diagram. The centre invent is helped from the left and right from the main AVR decoder.

    The role of the task is to get a signal sent to the Yamaha DSR-70Pro Dolby pro-logic to place an anti-phase signal to cannel or reduce the amount of signal on the (centre main signal) which shouldnít be on the (main centre channel of Ď2010í).

    There is downside since the signal will reduce some portions of the signal and (will inject a signal from centre phantom left and right). If there is signal of similar sound / frequency or mirror image it will be cancelled out thus freeing the centre front by a small degree.

    The test signal I used was the dts calibration music and demonstration set-up disc (track 14, all-channels) which is a wideband pink noise signal.

    I activate the Yamaha DRS-70Pro which sends out the same pink noise that is being sent to left and right front. I then adjust the centre level on the Yamaha DRS-70Pro so that the pink noise will cancel out the centre. Its only reduced (all or part of the lows) mid and highs are reduced down to very faint sound. Reason is the Yamaha DRS-70Pro has limited bandwidth down to 100Hz so tiny bit low end is heard but its reduced most of the directional.

    Now before most of you start jumping around up and down, this doesnít wreak the sound no worse than it already is. This helps by reducing the centre main will still perform most of its original level.

    There it is, simple. I guess this can be improved upon with fancier audio electronics.

    This can also remove normal half panned sounds from the centre for clearer left and right stereo sound field. Often the phase tends to have you shifting around in the sofa to catch a clearer left and right sound.

    I tired this out a few years ago, with ĎBeverly Hills Copí (1984) when Foley gets tossed out a window and then cops show-up. Thereís subtle effects left and right that had half panned sound filed mixed onto the centre and I found it distracting at the time.

    Today I place a little delay on the DCX2496 centre LF/HF to gain a clearer left and right sound filed, or I can extend it further with the approach that I have just shown you.

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    JBL 4645
    Only 8 min remaining on Leviathan wow this film rocks in Dolby stereo.

    I’ve lost count how many times this has been played now it must be in its 50th or 60th run over 1 full showing of "Avatar" on dtsHDMA lousy bluray.

    It’s a shark!

    Talk about having a bad day.

    Say “Aah,” motherfucker!


    (Now for pleasant pleasing Jerry Goldsmith score!)

    Beck! You made it! No one back at Tri-Oceanic believed me. But I never gave up on you once. How do you feel?

    [Smack in the gob!]

    Better. A lot better.

    Role the end credits and that’s that for late night film tonight!

    Powered down in the correct sequence all the amps first followed by lots and lots of processors!!

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    JBL 4645

    Cello DR-810

    Oh, the Cello DR810 while watching ďBatmanĒ (1989)on bluray (DOLBY TRUE-HD) is only now allowed in this JBL home cinema just went down! It powers the video image to the CRT so I have to check for curse?

    Mains fuse checks out okay on the volt meter!

    Slow-blow fuse shows up okay on the volt-metre as that is what I was hoping went down.

    I believe I have found the fault that is the power supply one of the 400volt 100uf capacitors looks a bit caked around the edges lower part that is mounted to the PCB.

    Iíll call Cello Electronics tomorrow and as for engineering department so that I can get a spare part capacitor sent to me.

    My other guess is the rooms temperature and the units operating temperature must have exceeded tolerance levels.

    No worries itís a simple soldering task of 15 minutes to remove and test the capacitor and then replace with a new one and hope that doesnít blow its top!

    Iíve had the Cello DR-810 DVD-RW for 5 years now.

    Itís mostly used as video enhancer between the RCA video inputs from the AVR that is then sent over to the Panasonic widescreen TV.

    I guess Iíd have to send the video lead directly from AVR to Panasonic but! It was used via the SCART lead so I have to find or make an RCA lead for the front input on the Panasonic which I donít have or maybe I can make a Frankenstein RCA cable lead up of bits and bobs wired together with elastically electrical installation tape!

    Or I could undone the S-Video lead from the video projector but! I donít have S-Video on the bluray/DVD player only the other players do!

    Sigh, so I canít use that route and Iíd have to buy a simple RCA lead of 3 or 4 meters tomorrow I mean today as its now, just turned Friday (12:04)am so I only have 8 hours to wait.

    A few pictures of the Cello and my evening now put off, oh, well lar-de-dar thatís the way it goes.

    Itís the capacitor near to the back right side of the picture the big small fat one! Note picture is out of focus as its cheap none digital camera without focus (only zoom x2 x3 x4). You can see a brown like crease stain along the edge of the bottom part so that is an indication of it being damaged.

    If its turns out to be the whole power supply its easy to unplug all the terminals and drop a brand new one in, if they still have one in supply!?

    Lucky I only have small soldering skill that I leant years ago so, if it turns out to be what I believe, it would only take a short while and save me the cost of a simple de-soldiering and re-soldiering that would otherwise cost £10.00 or more for just one part.

    At first the picture went off as the Cello DR-810 powers the video image side then I turned it back on and after a few seconds it went off again and I checked the front of the Cello DR-810 and the display was not ON which lead me to believe itís a common mains fuse fault.

    If the situation was worse like micro processing chips it would be out of my hands so hopefully I can get this up and running before the end of the month depending on part number, which I donít have so Iíd have to clearly explain to the engineer the capacitor type

    400volts 100uf microfarad

    As itís the only one inside the Cello DR-810.
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    JBL 4645
    I just sent a smaller description of the issue via email to Cello and Iíll get on the phone, earliest in the morning as soon as offices are open.

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    JBL 4645
    Iíve managed to get the video signal back up and running with and iffy buy simple and quick solution.

    Iíve found a short RCA phone lead that was 1.5 meter stereo and stripped the lead apart and joined it up with the other RCA phone lead using RCA Y adaptor plugs.

    There simple!

    Iíll buy a near decent lead from D.J. Electronics later in the day as the lead (I think its prone to picking up some minor interference due to the exposed ends on the RCA Y adaptor plugs).

    If I keep the cable undeserved it behaves and allows a video signal to pass though.

    See no need for expensive snake oil leads costing hundreds of pounds for silly half-a-metre. Now then!
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    JBL 4645

    Sooty approves of "BATMAN" (1989)

    Sooty approves of ďBATMANĒ (1989) 6track DOLBY STEREO with five paws! The Sooty as spoken or catnapping on the job again!
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    JBL 4645


    I canít believe Maplin Electronics doesnít carry this type of capacitor.

    I found another supplier but they are now closed and will have to wait till Monday.

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    JBL 4645
    Well the capacitor has turned up at friends as I had issues in ordering the damn thing as the company only takes a certain card type. So off to get the part and hope it is the part that has failed and the DVD-RW powers back-up!

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    JBL 4645
    Oh, it turns out I was wrong. A friend came over as electronics is his trade to (a degree) when he came across a part that he recognized but doesn’t normally practice in the part type.

    I guess the only simple option would be to pop over another friends and fish around ebay for the same model that powers up but has a faulty laser or drive motor mechanism that can be cannibalized for a spare working part at low buy now price.

    The capacitor type as it turns out is a bit taller and not as wide as the original but the original is intact nothing wrong with it. Needle in haystack and I don’t blame my, friend rush off as he as guest popping over his home. Least he tried I’m just stubbed that’s all?

    Oh well then, "plan B from outer space" is the next best option.

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    JBL 4645
    This captures nicely over the other camera, its not being replaced.

    Sod all on British TV might as well watch "Leathern" for 100th or is it 200th time now?
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    JBL 4645
    I might as well take those other speakers down since I disconnected them weeks and weeks ago.

    The tissue paper is there on purpose to muffled or reduce the HF that is slightly ahead all I want is bass/mid at the upper front. I donít often move the sofa within 1.5meters from front no more thou it does sound wow because the stereo increases width but its fine at 2.7meters back.

    The speaker mounting the projector up is disconnected and I wouldnít run a speaker underneath as the vibration would flutter the image on the screen. I hardly use the projector now, its just there for when I what to use it.

    The overheard matrix surrounds sounded great on ďEraserĒ (1996) early this week.

    Yeah just looking at the night storage heater and it wonít be many months away now till thatís ON again. The weather has been nice this week lots of rain nice and the wind as well nice.
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    JBL 4645

    The first video is the region2DVD special yuck edition followed by the region1DVD first edition at the end.

    The light from the closet should appear white not (blue and green) thou some blue is noticeable in the region1 shots but not plagued with green that washes out picture detail.

    This is just a simple fast webcam upload of the two regional copies. One stands out as it should have in the cinema the other one doesn’t because of the gross overuse of colour video manipulation on the special edition that was later produced for the lousy bluray.

    The region1DVD is close to what I saw in the cinema 1990 at late night double poltergeist bill that was quite spooky in DOLBY STEREO type A.

    The last video is the region1DVD I highly strongly recommended it. Sure its not anamorphic 16:9 but it still shows its entirety over the fit for the dustbin special edition that I don’t even bother playing anymore. I wouldn’t even been seen dead buying the crappy bluray version which I have now turned my back on.

    The video is a bit rough due to the webcam upload thou the Kworld device as long as you can see the colour difference that’s all that matters.

    Sound is direct feed from the centre channel AVR at 0db.

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