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Thread: Small but perfectly formed JBL home cinema

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    JBL 4645

    Smile Small but perfectly formed JBL home cinema

    Small but perfectly formed.

    The new JBL home cinema

    After trying two rooms for the JBL home cinema I found the one with the longest length to be a troublesome type and so I have settled on a smaller room.

    One was the (chimney breast) that stuck out mid way in the room, by (18Ē depth) by (61Ē width), so I decided to abandon the room with the 15 foot length and go with a more easier room that will still need a few basic modifications done to it.


    I plan to make a secondary floor for the (JBL home cinema) to help with vibrations from LCR surrounds, sub bass extension and LFE.1.

    Bass is fairly neutral due to the concrete flooring I guess, less (boom), just a natural sounding tone, unlike the last place, where it was a bit bass heavy at the back.

    What you see here is only temporarily, this will nether be placed at the back of room around summertime, when I have the budget to buy a few professional 19Ē racks, Samson, studio racks.

    Roomís dimensions are

    Length 11 feet10Ē

    Width 10 feet 9Ē

    Height 7 feet 7Ē

    Yeah thatís small and I plan to shorten the height by has much as (2 Ĺ inches) with (2x2 timbre) and (15mm MDF or other) for the top part of the flooring. It shouldnít cost no more than £80.00 the MDF will be the costly part of the material but not as much as the timbre beams as I only need around 6 or 7 spaced out evenly, over its length.

    JBL control 1 fall in stand to attention!

    Hereís my surround arsenal of battle troops ready to provide all the trills and spills on the surround channels.

    JBL control 5 I must say sound better in a room with concrete flooring, this helps to eliminate rattles and buzzing sounds! Not to mention sub bass and LFE.1 frequencies.

    Its kinder difficult to get a wide angle of the front because of the field of depth, the camera can only see what it can see, I can get very tight angles, but the sides are cropped off a bit.

    Rubber matting

    Now this would be great to place underneath the (timbre beams) or more rather the timber beams placed on top to add a little extra isolation.


    Door to the JBL home cinema room, will hath to be switched around to opened in the opposite direction, due to the raised flooring.


    Horizontal platform for the front loudspeakers LCR will be placed 1Ē above the TV monitor and angled downwards, the length of the platform will extend the roomís width, depth of the platform will be the same as the JBL 4645 sub 18Ē to keep it flush.


    That is the question, what am I to do with 10 JBL control 1, now I can still place these on the sidewalls and rear wall and a few on the ceiling. Iím thinking I can set:

    x2 for sidewall
    x2 for centre back surround
    x4 for height surround when available

    And thatís pushing it, not quite to the original plan as I hoped and planed for, which was x16 I think?

    Anyway all this, will be done over the course of the summertime no rush and there is a slim budget, as I have to mange other priorities that kinder remain on the top, but there will be a slow transformation.


    Thereís only one in the JBL home cinema that will be blocked up with two layers of MDF cut to size. First off Iíll place a window blind in front, to give the illusion on the outside that I have the blinds closed for privacy, which isnít far from the truth.

    First layer of MDF will have a small bit of timber placed around the outside, then attached to the (window frame) securely. Next Iíll place a thin layer of (rock wool) inside it securely. Last off the second layer of MDF will be screwed to the other piece. This should reduce the traffic noise, as too what sound pressure level I have no data on this as for now, Iíll hath to wait until I get around to doing it.

    Iíll take RTA readings with SPL db level metre, for a few hours note the average and the install the frame, after which I can take more readings and see if thereís been a reduced noise level, as the traffic around here is noisy during the night. Also thereís an airport nearby, Hurn international, with a few jets taking off and approaching as well.

    The roof, now thereís nothing I can do about the roof, I think its (sound) so thereís no need to look that, unless I can hear (heavy rainfall) but since Iíve been here, I havenít noticed it, with the past rainfall.

    Additional absorption DIY

    (Bass tarps) is out of the question, by the time Iíve stuck those in the room, I wonít have room to swing a cat around! So adsorption panels placed on the wall surfaces will suffice to add further adsorption.

    (Rock wool) will be used for the panels, a soft layer placed onto a thin layer of MDF along with a (colourful fabric) for cosmetic appearance.

    Interior decorative lighting system

    Neon lighting will be the theme a basic red green and blue placed around the room in a hoarse shoe configuration that will be concealed near to the ceilings curve.

    This will have a computerized controller when turned on will cycle though a sequence, on delay, dimming one colour and fading in the next colour, and so on.

    12 volt neon is the simplest, the same type that is used for cars.

    I donít even have a seat to sit on, Iím sat here typing, sat on a JBL HT-1F and two pillows and my backside fills buggered LOL!

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    Welcome back, Ashely!
    Its good to see you post again! I knew you had moved and I was worried something had gone awry ..
    Congratulations, and good luck fine tuning your new setup!
    2ch: RPi-4, Oppo, Acurus RL-11,Jolida 502,Valencias,JBL L212,Von Schw
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    JBL 4645
    Cheers Heather

    Nice to be back on the JBL site. There were a few hiccups, that might post in the off-topic, some rather embarrassing pictures.

    Tuning hardly the word, itís going to take a few days or so, and even as it is now, thatís just to see how itís going to sound in that small room.

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    JBL 4645
    Update on the project I popped into good ole Columbia timbre yard this morning to get some estimates on timber beams

    2x2 was around of the top of my head 70p per metre sounds good.

    15mm MDF around £17.00 pounds plus vat, a few bob. The sheets are 8 feet by 4 feet sounds wicked to me, this is going to work. Now all I need is to make it though a couple of months and then pop on down the road, and its just 20 minutes walking and only 3 minutes or less by car.

    They said they can do free delivery, sound good because that’s going to weigh a bit or two all that bulk.

    I guess they’ll be a few off-cuts with the MDF to fit into small parts of the flooring construction, so I’m also figuring I might need to spend somewhere in the region of.

    Well I guess my prediction was little off by a small margin of around £80.00 for the whole lot, but if this can be done for less than a round figure of £100.00, that would be okay.

    £68.00 4 sheets of MDF
    £85.00 5 sheets of MDF

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    JBL 4645

    Cool Neno is cool

    Iíve placed a Blue Neon light behind the sofa for chilling cool colour, in the mean time.

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    Hi Ashley,

    is that a concrete floor I see ? 15 mm is too thin . Try 25mm,Moisture resistant- get the timber yard to cut it into 1200 mm x 1200 mm squares for you . Get some of the underlay that is used when putting down laminate flooring and put down as much as you can afford..... Or just paint the floor with floor paint and spend your money on a nice thick rug. (google gumtree) its a great place for decent pre-owned house stuff. Keep the bass bin on the concrete and isolate it from everything else.

    This just a suggestion based on my very limited understand. Andy oz is the boy for this stuff. Its how he feeds his family.

    Good Luck.

    Nice gaff BTW


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    JBL 4645

    I think it only takes the price up just a margin to 25mm MDF. I would like the whole flooring surface covered to (reduce reflectivity) carpet tiles I could have gotten hold of this week, but my budget was so poor I could only go for a fold up chair and the blue sofa.

    I agree with the moisture issue, last thing I want is some of the boards (expanding and shrinking) due to temperature differences. So 25mm it is.

    And would the difference of just less than 4Ē make a huge difference in the sound, I mean the height is only (7 foot 7Ē) but I need a little bit more feel from it with the relevantly affordable idea that I have in mind.

    Gumtree I think Iíve come across that site in the past, isnít it a forums site?

    Iím not too great on mathematics, (1200mm x 1200mm) Iím sure thatís less then a few feet, and Iím sure youíre saying make it easy to fit each MDF panel down, if I understand you correctly?

    I plan to countersink the boards then screw them into the timber beams below it.

    As to where and how I should outfit the cabling for loudspeaker cables, I have a one of few simple ideas, use liquid nails and stick cable ducting above the skirting board, then channel the cables, though it to keep it, neat and tidy, and out of plan sight.

    Thanks, thou I think youíre studio is bit more sound, for partyís in the evening, doubt Iíd get away with that.

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    All of this for a 20" TV?
    had L25,L36,L40,L120,L222,L300,AquariusIV(2),S1,4408
    have L65,L100,L222,DorianS12,B380

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    1200 mm is just under 4' and a hell of a lot lighter to get in and out. You dont
    want to start chucking full sheets around . measure your lift !!!!

    I can get it trade if you need . I have an account with buildbase, see if there is one in your area and I'll see if I can help. Should be around £25 a sheet and 50 pence per cut.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald View Post
    All of this for a 20" TV?
    If JBL made TV's, Ashley have the LARGEST ONE!

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    RIP 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by boputnam View Post
    If JBL made TV's, Ashley have the LARGEST ONE!
    Errr...this one?:


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    That's BIG!

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    JBL 4645

    Talking My first elusive buzzing sound!

    LOL I guess Kevin OíConnell knows how to apply the right amount of low end to, buzz the audience. This had me starching my head for a few minutes? I was looking at the right-hand side JBL control 5 while the sub bass extension was extending the low end from LCRS. The tone was down at around 40Hz.

    The JBL control 5 wasnít at fault, so where in the hell is coming from? I then muted all directional channels and LFE.1 leaving only the sub bass extension playing the low end from LCRS, and I could still hear this elusive buzzing sound, now this starting to get personal.

    After standing back and looking at the front, I then twigged onto where it was coming from, the (vent). As I approached it and while playing back the same sequence, over and over again, I placed my finger on the plastic vent cover, and like magic it disappeared.

    Well now all I need is something to place between the vent flaps to prevent the moving parts vibrating or buzzing. I cut a small piece of cardboard and folded it, and then placed it between one of the vent gaps, and then played the scene over again.

    Sigh, well thatís more like it yeah. So you just never can tell what is vibrating or buzzing In that special JBL room of yours and a little quick thinking can solve it in the simplest of ways. Now starman can hum and rumble without the buzzing.

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    Hello Ashley!
    Congrats on the new digs, glad to see that you are back.
    Have fun setting up the place and getting yourself comfortable .
    (Dude you got a lot of gear, your HT must sound pretty amazing.)
    Just Play Music.

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    JBL 4645
    Hello Krunchy

    Yes no worries thanks for asking. I was kinder thinking about the surround issue this afternoon on where to place all those JBL control 1 surrounds? Iím kinder feeling adventurous this evening and thou Iíd like to go with plan A and place them along the wall surfaces, that option is still widely open.

    Iím thinking I can still buy a few more JBL control 1 later on and place them on the side and rear wall. Combination and configuration layout of the surrounds can be as follows.

    Option 1 Three on each side with four placed on the back part of the ceiling area.
    Option 2 four on each side with two placed on the back part of ceiling area.

    How will it sound in relation to the film, as some sound images hath to make sense. It wouldnít make sense to me if I heard the Anakin Skywalkerís lightsaber coming from slightly above me from the centre back, would it?

    Okay since I havenít played that film here as of yet, Iíll play the sound bite moment in sort jiffy, and see where I stand with surround placement and with a stroke of wit and luck, I might be able to get them fitted to the ceiling before the clock strikes 12, otherwise Iíll turn into a pumpkin.

    Just kidding rushing results in injurers occurring, and I need to take this a step at a time, otherwise, I might end back up where I started from.

    Iíll place one on the back part of the ceiling to start with and note the differences with Star Wars episode 2 Attack of the Clones.

    Water sprinkler effect! Thereís another cool film that has some good film mixing, Hollowman where the sound starts off at centre front then moves outwards with nice centre back moment that gets the attention! Water is trickling all around you with droplets of water landing on the solid floors in the underground facility.

    Letís go to work.

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