Chapter 12 Apollo 13 region 2 DVD at (32 minutes 35 seconds) as the fuel is bumped though the large manifolds up though the centre channel exterior then interior as it moves around the command module on the surrounds at (32 minutes 36 seconds) as Fred Haise (Bill Paxton) turns his head and eyes into the direction as it sweeps around the surrounds then a breathing like sound on the left side is heard. The Saturn V is now ready to go.

I’d hath to run further tests to check the internal frequency ether with frequency sweep and plug the LCRS into one of the few tools REW or spectrumlab to see what is happening in terms of frequency.

Checked the LCR and there have been some changes to frequency at 100Hz on left and right as they have been reduced recently and now increased on the parametric EQ. Centre needed to be reduced at 100Hz as it was now too strong, so a little reduction and checking with all-channels added together with a few minor distance level settings altered over LCR.