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Thread: Small but perfectly formed JBL home cinema

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    JBL 4645
    Here is an update as you can see that is one JBL control 1 so far fitted to the back part of the ceiling area, I’ve marked out where I want them on the back part with masking tape and using a blue pencil, to outline the JBL speaker support fitting, and the holes for the screws.

    Now once I’ve gotten them all fitted which should be sometime very late. Also I have some (cable ducting) not sure if can get the cables concealed within it, by to night, but I’ll cut some up and use liquid nails to attach it to the ceiling, and corners.

    I must say it does kinder work, as you can see; I’m kinder looking back, while one eye still focusing on the front screen action. I’ve only got the surrounds playing at the present time, with Star Wars episode 2 Attack of the Clones, while all the LCR and .1 are in mute mode.

    Anyway back to the JBL control 1 surrounds installation.

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    JBL 4645
    Well I need to take a slight break due to heath, wares my arms out it does, gravity is a bitch on the arms, but it feels good. Who knows I might even sweat a few ounces of my bodyweight.

    As you can see there are now three JBL control 1 fitted, so far so good on the sound, as I mellow with Star Wars episode 2 Attack of Clones. Note the two (centre back surrounds) and the first (left side ceiling surround) I only have 7 more to fit.

    Oh, there's just one other thing.

    I was jumping ahead of myself with the cable, wow I知 sweating on the back of the head here. I meant to say, the racks that I値l be buying around summertime, or maybe sooner, summer the very least, well if the racks are going at the back, then I壇 hath to fit the cable ducting last.

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    JBL 4645

    Smile JBL control 1 surrounds up and running

    Two angles showing the surround view and it does kinder look unsightly, even I can admit to that. Looks like an interior decorating issue for a later date, with the light turned off I hardly notice it.

    How does it sound so far? I ran a pink noise test to confirm that the tone was equal, via the Pioneer VSP-200 a few adjustments on the Marantz 1030 with a slight increase on volume.

    All the surrounds are (wired in series) I値l fit the last two up in the daytime, because now I知 shattered and need some sleep, it took around 1 hour to fit two surrounds at a time, I致e viewed over a few best sound moments updates on how that sounded later on.

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    JBL 4645

    No, I don稚 like it.

    Well its all about trial and error so if I can fork out for an electric drill next week, I知 get some timber to place over the (rear and sidewalls) to easily fit the speaker brackets, rather then drilling 40 holes in the walls, I can get around this with three holes max per sidewall and four on the back wall to hold small thin piece of timber.

    Horizontal placement would give me the maximum head turning affect that I知 looking for. Where they are at present is all wrong, and like I said its trial and error. However it worked in the cinema at UCI, maybe not to the fullest for stereo surround films, I remember Jurassic park in dts was major disappointment, because all that was done at the time was re-plugging of the surrounds, that have been used for monaural effects with Dolby stereo A and SR type soundtracks.

    Later they fitted a new batch of surrounds, to the sidewalls and rear wall.

    Anyway I plan to fit the surround fixing bracket at height of 67 and then angle the surrounds downwards.

    So in the worlds of the Blues Brothers

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    JBL 4645
    Well in the past 20 minutes I致e removed the side JBL control 1 and I値l stick them close to the sidewalls along with the centre back surround directional channels, until I get a sodden drill.

    I must say I hate heights, I知 terrified of heights, standing a stool that slightly wobbles scares me to bits.

    Oh well that痴 5 hours wasted last night that I won稚 get back LOL.

    I致e got The X-Files fight the future (1999) playing at the moment as soon as I get the last two JBL control 1 down I値l try a new experiment, just for temporary use that is, until I get a sodden drill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBL 4645 View Post
    ... standing a stool that slightly wobbles scares me to bits.
    I feel with you . What about a ladder? It is more secure, and it gives you a good feeling.

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    JBL 4645

    JBL Control 1 centre back surrounds

    Hi there, brought an electrical drill this morning from Wilkinson痴 and a few pieces of 2x1 from Columbia timber yard.

    Has you can see I致e drilled and filled the hole with liquid nails and tapped in the wall plug, by around tomorrow the liquid nails would have hardened.

    Screwed up and secured. Well that痴 the back part done, I致e got two sides to do next, and oh that痴 going to be fun. ]

    One JBL control 1 fitted. The wooden beam makes it easier to place the mounting bracket to the wood, rather than drilling dozens of holes into the wall.

    Tightening up the nut, then it will be fitted to the mounting bracket and secularly tightened up.

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    JBL 4645

    Yes I plan to hind the loudspeaker cable in some cable ducting that I値l place above the wooden beam. Anyway I致e got two more to do this afternoon and I知 very limited on screws for the wooden beam, but not for mounting the JBL control 1, plenty of that size to go around.

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    JBL 4645
    Due to one of the sidewalls I致e had to put of the final assembly of the JBL Control 1 surrounds to the left-hand-sidewall till tomorrow morning when I can re-drill new holes.

    The rear wall and right-hand-sidewall is okay, all was going smoothly and I was egger to drill new holes around 5:30pm this evening, but I thought I壇 delay it till the morning.

    More pictures to follow tomorrow.

    I知 also thinking about getting long board for the front LCR, a platform that will allow the JBL control 5 to sit on. This will reduce close contact vibration with the TV with centre channel, and even thou the TV is sitting on top of the mighty huge JBL sub, colour remains intact, due to the large magnet structure, stock of luck I would say.

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    JBL 4645
    I couldn稚 resist taken a few pictures, I致e just fixed the JBL Control 1 right-hand-sidewall surrounds only moments ago.

    Wide angle view of JBL control 1 surrounds.

    Underside view of JBL control 1 centre back surrounds.

    Underside view of JBL control 1 right-hand-sidewall surrounds.

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    JBL 4645
    This phase of sidewall and rear wall installation is now complete and I like it. Next is to attach the cable ducting to tidy up the loudspeaker cables that powers the surrounds.

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    JBL 4645
    Since the idea or concept is still going to be 都mall and since I started a comment in the room mode calculations thread, I thought I壇 post the images here. Now you can see I have a (chimney breast) its 61 wide or 5 feet 1 if that helps. Now you can see a window on the side wall, that痴 got to be blocked off with MDF.

    You can also see the gap where the (chimney breast) ends. Now that needs to be addressed with some timber and MDF to make it one whole length. This now narrows the width of the middle part of the room by 8 feet 11 or 107 if that helps.

    The back part of the room I wont touch I値l leave it open has is, it痴 the main front area with the matching JBL control 5 LCR that worries me, because of the opening at the front.

    But surly the bass at the back of the room along with a few mid range and few high frequencies might have issues, but no worse than some cinemas that I致e seen where there is a slight odd shape in one or two parts of it.

    I want to get this done right given the slim poor man痴 budget I知 on, even if this takes a year, I want to get the shape done right, or near within small degree.

    Note the main window, now that really needs to be blocked up with a few layers of MDF to reduced as much audible traffic sound and other sound from the outside. I don稚 care the window needs to be blocked.

    First I値l stick window blinds on the inside to give it the impression I致e got the window blinds closed. Then layer it with MDF to reduce the sound level, as much as possible.

    Attached Images Attached Images     

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    JBL 4645
    Matters have now increased to critical; I don稚 know how to get around the left-hand-sidewall, which has the JBL control 1 surround placement. I致e noticed if I where to place a JBL control 1 towards the or near the door, and no the door isn稚 the issue, it痴 the distance between the chimney breast, and the 18 ス in slight depth.

    Now I壇 ether hath to power the JBL control 1 on the left-hand-sidewall with a stereo amplifier, rather then using it the other way around this way I can EQ the differences between the one that sticks out slight and the one that doesn稚.

    That now means I壇 have to buy at least 4 more Alesis RA300 and one RA500 for sub bass. Oh this is going to be slow very slow, I doubt this will be finished till next year??

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    JBL 4645
    Now this is want I like about the Empire Leicester square screen 1, the way the floor curves upwards and inwards across the front of the screen, stage area very nice on the eye when seated in front row.

    I致e kinder done some measurements and thou I can only do this at a very narrow elevation, otherwise I壇 be too high and the sub bass along with the LCR JBL fronts will be too close to the ceiling.

    I値l see what the guys at Columbia timbre think, I壇 like that feature very much in the front, not sure at the moment about the [lights with coloured gels] I値l think of something small and affordable.

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    JBL 4645

    Got it I致e been keeping my mind active tonight, and I致e hatched out this idea around the door entrance.

    By placing some timbre to the walls and extending a short length across the door area, with MDF maybe something different to make it look as if its part of the room.

    Rack placement everything except the amplifiers, those will be placed in the bedroom.

    So I値l might be able to fit a professional rack 19, you know one of those Samson racks, into the space and with the flush look should look neat, hopefully.

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