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Thread: D123 or D130 for guitar amp use?

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    Something like this one? Looks interesting:

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCCA View Post
    Something like this one? Looks interesting:
    Exactly that one. Let me know if you want me to scout it/test it/price it. It's got a SHRED! button, dude!

    There are also smaller, free-standing options for your purposes, but since you were talking about employing a Crown amp I figured there would be a rack involved.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Harvey Gerst View Post
    If you ain't gonna crank it way up, a single D123 will work great for playing around the house with just about any guitar amp.
    Yeah, I'm slow. It took over ten-years but Friday night I accomplished the goal of a small amp with a D123, following Harvey's suggestion (with thanks to "Fred").

    A couple of years back I acquired a Fender Deluxe-112 "Made in USA" amp off Craig's List. This week my daughter, who lives in NYC, came to visit with her friend and fellow band-member and they were playing guitar and singing off the back deck into the woods and mountains, goofing on the nature's reverb with an old battery powered Argos Vocal Director-II. The sound was so distorted (in a good way if you're a rocker) that I decided I'd bring my amp-find from the old house down and also dug out the D123 that had been traveling around with me for over 40-years. Aaron was having fun playing his baritone guitar through the little Fender, so I gave him my D'Aquisto Jazz Line to play. Now I can't really play and Aaron can, so I was enjoying hearing him play my guitar. Then around midnight I decided to try to retro-fit the JBL to the Fender to see what that would do. Fender's a bit odd in that you have to take the amp section out of the cabinet just to get the 12-inch Fender speaker out but luckily the JBL's holes lined up perfectly and (with a bit of wire-extension) I had it all working by around 1am and we gave it an audition. The improvement in clarity and upper range, as well as punch, even at low levels, was impressive and for a total outlay of maybe $50, we had a very nice sounding amp.

    Thanks Harvey, for the idea, and Fred for the encouragement!

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    Oh yeah, and you can hear my daughter Molly and her friend Aaron's new album here.
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