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Thread: Changing speaker wire connectors on 4311B's

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    Changing speaker wire connectors on 4311B's

    I recently took a pair of 4311B's I had in storage and I am going to set them up in a room seperate from my "Hide-A-Way" powered by a McIntosh 6100A.....
    I would like to replace the speaker cable connectors with a better grade of connector like I did on my 4350B's, but I never have had to take the 4311B's apart for any reason.....questions....
    1. Are the connectors on the back part of the crossover or is there wiring going from the connectors to the crossover....
    2. Is the woofer sealed in any way or will it come off fairly easy.

    Just trying to head off any surprises.......thanks

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    I don't know for certain whether the binding posts are separate from the network (I think not...), but when I've done this, it doesn't matter. There is a lock nut on the inside of the cabinet holding the post on. Merely remove that, and the post should be free. However, make notes of which wires are connected to which post...

    The woofer will come right out the front. Lay the 4311 on it's back, get a phillips head and remove the screws. Don't push down on the screws, because there are "T" nuts which are teethed into the baffle backside, and you want these to stay put. Once all the screws are out, the woofer may stick a bit - just carefully and slowly ease around the frame with a flat screw driver blade, putting something between the back of the blade and the baffle so you don't chip the baffle.

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    your in luck i have a 4313b crossover and yeh i think it would be a simple swap out for better connectors. the originals are just bolted to the board easy stuff to replace

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