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I recently bought a Behringer DEQ2496 that I am using with my JBL 4435s.

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated!

Thanks, James
Hi James,
some time ago I tried my 4435's with Behringer DEQ2496. At first glance some pretty effect I played with some months with different feelings. In the end I was not satisfied with the reproduction, short: sound for me like a tin can, no matched partner for 4435! I think you can only reach high quality reproduction by using your fantastic speakers in combination with "decent" products.
So next I tried dbx driverack 260. I used it for some months enough to get an impression of its versatility and reproduction quality. Impressive what you can do with this machine. Well, driverack was better than DEQ but at last I returned to reproduction without any digital equipment or treatment.

So I was left pretty uncomfortable and not really satisfied with my chain.
I had some bass boost that I did not appreciate and even using aquaplas dias high-frequency-range did not really satisfy me.

Then I came across a modification that really upset me in the most positive way. GUIDO a well known forum member told me about his charge coupled 4435 crossovers built in his 4435's. In the end I asked him to build a pair for me.
I was not too nervous while waiting for the X-overs, well as I exspected some ... positive effect but nothing more. You should know I'm not expert in electronics and only swimming on the surface concerning this, but I can trust my ears.
By means of a detailed manual I got from Guido I could really easily take out the "old" X-overs, implant the new ones and combine all wires to the drivers, L-Pads and terminals.

Done this I listened to my well known music. I tell you, I was really upset what those x-overs did to my 4435's.
I've reached a sound so perfect I never had before and never by using any digital equipment. Bass now is so deep, so strong and so pure and mids and highs always present but never strain my ears.
It was like someone drawing back a thick curtain from the monitors.
In other words: PERFECT. Thanks to Gudio for his ambitious work and all those who collaborated.

Well actually I moved a bit from theme. But you asked for some thoughts. After several costly detours I advise you better optimizing your fine equipment than implanting digital correction of sound. Im still saying this after some months of listening to my new cc-x-overs. I know JBL-monitors are really fine .... but now they are much finer then ever before ...