Happy Holidays to everyone participating. We do this every year over on the Corvette Forum and I thought maybe it could catch on here also.


#1: Anyone, (Giver), can offer as many gifts as they wish to give away for free.

#2: Only one gift can be claimed by each person, (Taker).

#3: This thread is for gifts only. This is not a Wish List.

The shipping of each gift will be paid by the Giver unless it falls under one of the three exclusions:

- Taker offers to pay for shipping based on size or distance.

- It's an unreasonably large or heavy gift requiring freight.

- Internationally shipped gifts.

Have fun everyone...

...let the giving begin.

I'll start:

I have two of the original Altec "dial indicator escussion plates" that say "MIX" along the top "MADE IN USA" at the bottom and are numbered from infinity to zero.

They are in Altec green and grey and have never had the original backing removed exposing the sticky back.