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Thread: In-depth DVD and movie reviews - the JBL sound!

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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up THE MATRIX DVD region 2

    You can only watch and listen so much of this bluray crap till it makes you want to throw it out the window.

    I donít mind the DOLBY TrueHD or DOLBY DIGITAL at all, itís the crappy picture that makes this bluray an epic total failure.

    The screen capture here from the region 2 DVD shows more image detail than then bluray! I donít have a bluray drive for the pc for screen capture, but take my word look at your version of the region1 early edition and the so called prefect bluray HD format LMAO.

    If it was perfect why do studios use so much DNR and over brightness of the image to con the paying consumer?

    The lights on the train on the bluray have so much brightness that it washes out in details and what is the point of that? Wow these video engineers must be in donkey fu%^king category of idiots.

    Iíll have to buy The Matrix on region1 DVD early edition as I assume the version I have was later produced for DVD so itís the later version that is at serious technical fault and shouldnít have been allowed to make its way onto the streets, least of all been used for bluray which really gives the HD format a bad name.

    With only a few a few bluray titles I have out of near 60 only a few a few look technically correct and a few isnít just good enough. If the image is total viewing crap then bluray HD doesnít deserve any place on market, it belongs in a rubbish bin period!

    The studios only give themselves a bad name.

    Also the detection of DNR looks apparent on the bluray so the trueness of the films 35mm original grittiness is hopelessly lost in the HD. I guess the studios fear consumer complaints that they can see noise on the image in the form of film-grain and then render it in DNR to make it look as if it was filmed with crappy HD cameras.

    I just give up with CrapRay!

    Early DVD editions make bluray look like fuzzy blurry images. Thatís it Bluray = Blurry I should have known this from the beginning before wasting money on it.

    Iím going to rate the blurry bluray -10 out of -10 fit for a fR%(king microwave oven!

    Iím going to rate the DVD 10 out of 10 for picture quality. DVD stands for Delightfully Visual Dreams Delicious Video Desires.
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    JBL 4645
    This bluray surprisingly gets the thumbs up (oh, that would be too nice of me) well maybe a neutral thumb on its side that at least would be acceptable, and its got sod to Daniel Craig who plays it fine. The image is about the same as the DVD expect for the HD. I haven’t even bothered yet watching 1 minute of the bluray at 1080i looks fine on the CRT 32” none-HD TV.

    As for the sound format LPCM 5.1 no thanks the film was produced and mixed in DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 and won a BAFTA for best sound achievement. DOLBY DIGITAL sounds just as loud and thrilling even on DVD with lows below 20Hz is more than enough to damage loudspeakers if carelessly used.

    Must have moved the camera slightly as the image is a tiny fraction blurry but at least the camera can focus from 11 inches where the other camera it would hopeless.

    Now the cover is readable like a laserdisc cover.
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    JBL 4645

    COMA (1978) region1 DVD Öthe Greely case COMA dialogue distortion.

    I noticed that some keywords are filtered with bullshit copyright clam. So what’s the point in getting a message over its not to infringe copyright I couldn’t care less about uploading the whole film that is not my mission.

    This is COMA which is getting on to be the second most watched DVD region1 (in mono) over the lousy bluray crappyRay Avatar, dtsHDMA 5.1 now then!

    I noticed a buzzing sound obviously it was to do with the video connection a little Gremlin has gotten into the pc on youtube LOL the buzzing is not on COMA its to do with the connection and it’s the first time I’ve noticed it as I’ve uploaded many other short videos in the past without buzzing noise so don’t listen to that (listen for the word “Greely”) it distorts slightly for second.

    Could it be production recoding or ADR or something to do with the DVD master tape transfer it was easy to notice and besides it doesn’t really bother me, that much.

    The audio dropped out of sync on youtube which is typical of the site its not the DVD that is out of sync. if the video stutters for 1 second the audio will be out of sync but at least you can hear it! Its only youtube not DVD cinema its youtube!

    The video is not great it’s uploaded via webcam for faster upload. If I want 100% sharp clear picture I’ll watch the DVD on the CRT in my living room.

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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs down ALIENS bluray is going to be "de-grained"

    Aliens will be de-grained OMG its going to look like total crap on bluray LOL not that I care to buying it. I’ve seen it many times projected and it looked fine which is why I and many fans around the time of 1986 saw it more than once and at special late night Alien double bill shows during early 1990’s.

    Director/filmmaker James Cameron said: "It's spectacular. We went in and completely de-noised it, de-grained it, up-rezzed, colour-corrected every frame and it looks amazing. It looks better that it looked in the theatres originally. Because it was shot on a high-speed negative that was a new negative that didn't pan out too well and got replaced the following year. So it's pretty grainy. We got rid of all the grain. It's sharper and clearer and more beautiful than it's ever looked. And we did that to the long version, to the 'director's cut' or the extended play."

    Video on site link

    Well that’s just the kiss of death for “Aliens” on bluray epic fail and as for the colourist on Avatar who left a poor tail, tail sign in colour balance that turned me right of the film after 2 minutes running. I can only expect the bluray to be plugged with colour issues, that you would never see projected in cinema, never!

    This would be worse than DNR-ing the death out of film for consumer video market.

    Thanks goodness I didn’t sale the DVD edition! Might be a good time to look for the laserdisc editions of this classic film.

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    JBL 4645
    Like the bass beat on the James Horner score at chapter 21, time 137min 26sec

    Itís a bit milder on the stereo surrounds. Centre carries flute then music goes mute in centre while the lower end plays on left/front fronts and surrounds. Moments later the music starts to fade back in on the centre. Effects play over LCRS while principle characters voices are centred with a crewman giving out orders on right front with half the voice in the centre.
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    JBL 4645

    Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan (1982) re-listening

    Re-listening and yet another missing sound effect after watching the NTSC laserdisc briefly a few weeks ago which eats the original DVD/bluray for dinner!

    Still I had a locked firm memory of sound effects placement going back 20 years.

    The bluray is missing an electrical sparking sound effect on (right channel HF) at 01:17:47 on English Dolby TrueHD not really TureHD enough I would say! Paramount Pictures must be deaf as f)+$king post!

    However the sound effect appears on
    Audio -2/7 DEU Dolby digital 2.0
    Audio -3/7 SPA Dolby digital 2.0
    Audio -4/7 FRA Dolby digital 2.0
    Audio -6/7 ENG Dolby digital 2.0 (audio commentary)
    Thereís a brief purse in the audio commentary where the sound effect is heard! Now! Which version are they viewing? Iíd say US version and itís possible and the UK versions are botched up ones! Maybe. Only way to confirm this is, to buy the region1DVD.

    Audio -7/7 ENG Dolby digital 2.0 (audio commentary)

    Not on these audio channels
    Audio -1/7 ENG Dolby TrueHD
    Audio -5/7 ITA Dolby digital 5.1

    Done some further investigation with first edition region2DVD and its missing on the English Dolby 5.1 track. The German Dolby digital 2.0 track has the electrical sparking sound effect. SIGH

    Special edition region2DVD directors edition. SIGH, again English Dolby digital 5.1 (missing)! German Dolby 2.0 track has the sound effect.

    Never give up your laserdisc collection for this cheap bluray format.
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs down Alien bluray fail!

    Screen captures courtesy of dvdbeaver

    Its obvious Fox has slightly rushed Alien on bluray (the so called ďperfectĒ format) it looks like there using a pervious version used for DVD which looks like, third one only slightly opened up on the sides, on the bluray but not good enough, not even close or near for me, to watch, its useless!

    Iíll keep the 20th anniversary edition region1, which shows just bit more on the sides over the PAL version that I also have. Iíve very picky about aspect ratio, I donít give a hoot about HD itís bloody useless when the image is cropped!

    I know this was going to happen Fox are predictable! Bluray has shown no justice since I brought it last year. What a failure and waste of money, the studios and their video engineers must be so blind!

    At least I can upscale the DVD image on the bluray player.
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    JBL 4645

    Eraser (1996) region1 DVD

    Buildings alarm system sounding on faintly on front right and very back of the box on centre. The alarm sound is louder on surrounds left fainter on centre back and right surround, as well as overhead surround.

    The alarm voice system sounds overhead the moment the water sprinkler system has been activated with gunfire to the sprinkler, on overhead surround, while itís a fainter sound on left and right and centre back surround.

    The sound is heard over bells ringing on right front while computer voice sounds dry on centre front left/right carries an echo effect, the surround overhead as dryer sound while water sounds all around over left-sidewall right-sidewall centre back and partly in the overhead (which makes no sense because the water should be sounding at floor level!

    The sprinkler itself would have whoosh like higher end sound as its spraying outwards and the rest of its trickles sound at floor level, which unfortunately I canít do not without other sounds sounding at floor level it would end up being a total mess.

    I keep wondering if this was accidentally, mixed at the time, otherwise I wouldnít be hearing it above me. Itís possible some anti-phase was applied in the mix and the mixers didnít know what it would sound like since Dolby-EX was uncommon at the time. Still its there if you want to fondle around with Dolby pro-logic decoder and re-wire the surrounds with extras placed on the ceiling.

    Chapter 34, 84 minutes 04 seconds.
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    JBL 4645

    Eraser (1996) region1 DVD

    Chapter 15, is quite relaxing with an ambiance piano/bass playing softly on the surrounds as well as over centre front while only voices plates glasses clink around over left/right front.

    The outside scene leading up to the coffee shop scene with traffic passing along the surrounds makes no sense since the sound and view of the traffic is slightly ahead in the foreground. It should only pass along left centre right and right centre left as traffic moves in each road lane, unless of course the road as 4 lanes which, it doesn’t then the sound of traffic on the surrounds would make sense.

    It would have been easier to place footsteps walking around on the surrounds from left to right and right to left to give the sense of people moving around while placing the listening in (standing point) on the opposite side of the road. Even a shop door opening and closing behind, with one of those little bells above the door would give a realistic sound.

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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up Revenge 1990 DOLBY STEREO DIGITAL 6channel

    Tony Scottís Revenge arrived today in region/Free 6channel DOLBY STEREO DIGITAL. First time I saw this dark thriller about friendship love and betrayal was on VHS PAL early around 1991. Thou it was panned & scanned not much I can remember about the picture. I do how ever remember the Jack Nitzsche score that was underplayed but deeply moving.

    I canít be asked to play film/bluray at 1080i looks fine enough on the CRT as long as Iím viewing it scope 2.35:1 (it looks fine).

    The Dolby stereo 6channel mix so far sounds normal. Itís a bit hard to if any sly fake stereo surrounds have been folded onto mono surrounds. I monitored a few scenes with surrounds only and they seem discrete enough (in stereo). Theirs dialogue leakage on left/right front that is fairly faint, I suppose this is normal as it (often crops up in several other films) but goes fully discrete in louder moments. The centre is carrying its own discreteness with none of this folding (left/right centre phantom onto the centre discrete nonsense) like some of the other DVD and bluray titles that Iíve mentioned in previous posts.

    The centre on the opening carries a deep low musical tone, left/right front as pan pipes blowing and if there was any centre phantom folding going on the pan pipes would appear in the centre channel as well as left/right front.

    The interior of the cockpit on the F-14 has dialogue and parts of effects and different musical sound centred left/right is free of dialogue, only effects and music plays.

    The LFE.1 has a few thunderclap slams as the F-14 blasts over the early morning sunny valley below. The LFE.1 is used sparingly while most of the sub bass extension comes from LCR with occasional low end on the surrounds.

    There is one scene I noticed on chapter 15 where Iíd expect some dialogue on left/right, thereís none, just ambient soft windy breeze blowing around. Centre has soft sound of fire crackling and other effects with subtle musical mid/bass beats.

    Backing up a bit to chapter 14, rock music plays louder instrumentally on left/right front and surrounds while centre carries vocal echo and Foley effect of Cosnter sitting in rocking seat cricks. Surround as vocals with instrumental rock guitar while front carries just instrumental.

    I think this bluray is sound so it gets the 5paw Sooty approval for sound and picture.

    U.S.A: 124 min theatrical
    U.S.A: 104 min (director's cut)
    Sweden: 115 min (cut version)

    I listened to part of the audio commentary and it seems Tony Scott wants a tighter cut to move the story along. I would have preferred both versions on the same disc. The theatrical version only exists on DVD in DOLBY STEREO 4.2.4 matrix only with same directors cut on DVD as well. I donít understand why the cover says ďUnrated directed cutĒ ďunratedĒ

    Film clocks in at 1hour 40min 21sec

    The boycott on dtsHDMA bluray titles still stands. I'm only after originally mixed recorded DOLBY STEREO films in DOLBY DIGITAL TrueHD or DOLBY DIGITAL.
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    JBL 4645

    Revenge waterfalls

    A few waterfalls of the opening with the F-14 and a few LFE.1 gun shots silencer and gunshots. There's a few good Foley body punches that haven't been included maybe later.
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    JBL 4645

    Revenge waterfalls

    A little scuff starts in Motel room at chapter 13 nice body punch in the centre that was clear as well as being exaggerated.
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up The Final Countdown (1980) region1 DVD

    The Final Countdown (1980) arrived though a regional1 portal over Christmas in special edition form with newly transferred camera negative that delivers a crisper image over the recent region2 DVD that Iíve had for several years.

    The colours are bolder contrast/brightness looks fresher giving film a new media life on DVD of this cult classic sci-fi.

    Sound is encoded with
    Dolby Stereo 4.2.4 matrix
    Dolby Stereo 6channel surround-EX
    dtsES 6.1

    Audio commentary session with DP (director of photography) Victor J. Kemper

    Trailers and TV spots

    The sound in Dolby Stereo-EX was just startling now with discrete stereo surrounds, flybys by F-14 vs Mitsubishi A6M2 belted along each sidewall surrounds or directly to centre back and around and overhead and elsewhere was a different listening experience over Dolby Stereo 4.2.4 matrix.

    LFE.1 was used sparely but effective when called for in the mix, thou there was reasonable sub bass extension from the LCRS.

    I think I have just about throw the hardest of films at the surrounds over the years, when used sensibly 85 to 90dbc around the listening is plenty loud, thou they could reach 105dbc, but this isnít a cinema auditorium itís the living room.

    The John Scott score opens the film on grade scale and sounds brilliant as it does throughout the film.

    The U.S.S Nimitz the largest nuclear powered aircraft carrier takes an unexpected trip though a strange storm that transports the ship and its crew back to December 6th 1941 one day before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor are faced with two challenges to change the coarse of history or to ignore it as history wrote it.

    The story is rather clever for 1980 and if made today not as remake as the film is well suited but with modern day computer effects might seem hockey against real aircraft that was splendidly photographed still holds up well today, providing of course you saw this at the cinema.

    I would imagine the F-15A being used today, as the F-14 TomCat retired around 2006 after a good service flight history of 36 years.
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up Batman Begins (2005) bluray regionB

    I did a quick listening of Batman Begins (2005) (that came with the Phillips BDP7300) the transfer would be the same for the DVD region2 that I have.

    The audio was just about what I expected clear Dolby Digital / Dolby TrueHD 6channel.

    Image well I know in few places its out of place with colour balance so Iím not going to bother picking at it again.

    Extras appear to be the same? Still no audio commentary yet lots of foreign languages used in Dolby Digital.
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up I Am Legend (2007) bluray regionB

    I did a quick listening of I Am Legend (2007) (that came with the Phillips BDP7300) the transfer would be the same for the DVD region2 that I have.

    The audio was just about what I expected clear Dolby Digital / Dolby TrueHD 6channel.

    Image is nicely transferred.

    There are two versions of the film one with downer of an ending the other with slightly happier ending. I prefer both thou the alternate ending I prefer for closing credits with score by James Newton Howard. The theatrical version ends with It's Redemption by Bob Marley.

    Itís got one real downer in the film that would have animal lovers reaching for the tissues.

    I donít mind this remake thou, I would like to have the original or other remake The Omega Man (1971) with Charlton Heston. The Last Man on Earth starred Vincent Price. The story is the same virus wipes out human civilization.

    There have been a few other films made about virus one other is The Andromeda Strain (1971) and Outbreak (1995).
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