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Thread: In-depth DVD and movie reviews - the JBL sound!

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    JBL 4645
    CinemaScope 55 - Documentary - RESTORING CINEMASCOPE 55

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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs down Shutter Island (2009) bluray dtsHDMA

    I just watched the trailer to “Shutter Island” (2009) and noticed it was Paramount Pictures release.

    I got interested into buying it on bluray then started to look around for some facts on its sound format. OMG dtsHDMA has now gotten to Paramount Pictures! dtsHDMA is like a fucking virus plague that needs to be stopped dead in its tracks!

    Well I won’t be buying your film Martin Scorsese not while it has dtsHDMA on it!

    So Shutter Island (2009) is on the early pre-order bluray BAN list!
    I might think about buying the region 1 DVD with 6trackDOLBY STEREO DIGITAL.

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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up Ordered "Coma" (1978) and "Poltergeist" (1982) on region 1

    Feed up with the lousy colour balance on the rubbish region 2 DVD of Poltergeist which is the same as the region 1 special edition produced for the bluray, heap of rubbish format!

    “Coma” (1978) I can see this getting multiple viewings for each evening.

    The titles where sent out yesterday, 10 to 14 day delivery for Coma and 3 to 4 days for Poltergeist.

    Spooky thing is there both MGM releases and they each have a Jerry Goldsmith score. Coma is W/S mono 1.0 and Poltergeist is scope Dolby stereo 5.1.

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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up “Poltergeist” (1982) arrived this morning BOOO!

    This turned up fast! They must have posted it by Poltergeist Express!

    Wow the colour for non-anamorphic 16:9 looks startling in the letterbox 2.35:1 I can see details in brighter scenes where the colours would otherwise be smeared and masked on the (special edition that was later used for bluray).

    The region 1, 6track Dolby stereo mix is virtually the same except for difference of +9db over the PAL region 2 version. I think I’ll stick with this version thank you!

    The chapter stops on the region 1 are an insane 48 over the region 2 DVD special edition which is only 30 chapters.

    Duel layer double side with panned and scanned 4:3 version on side B Dolby film level is the same loudness.

    None of this overblown green colour washing over brightly lit images when the light shines though the child’s closet, just a soft smooth blue colours with whites and other various optical effects that dazzle the eye while light flicks/strobes.

    Trailer is Dolby 1.0 keeping it centred on the centre channel.
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    JBL 4645

    Poltergeist region 1 VS Poltergeist region 2 special edition

    Poltergeist region 1 VS Poltergeist region 2 special edition I ran a simple scene that had some effective LFE.1 channel only, when the group make rope up to go though the light to the other side?

    Fader was 0db all channel outputs 0db including LFE.1.

    I can see a slight puncher 28Hz low end on the region 1 due to the non 4% PAL speed-up of region 2 DVD.
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs down "From Paris With Love" (2010) bluray epic fail dtsHDAM banned!

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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs down "THE A-TEAM" bluray dtsHDMA banned!

    I can predict “The A-Team” (2010) getting dtsHDMA propaganda on bluray therefore it has been automatically BANNED from playing in this JBL home cinema!

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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up "Aliens" (1986-1991) special edition region 1 DVD DOLBY STEREO 5.1

    Aliens “special edition” arrived early last week same as version as the region 2 special edition except for lousy PAL 4% speed-up.

    Still I’m looking for theatrical release which comes as single packing or part of the box-set at lower price “now”.

    The production sound doesn’t fit in too well with the theatrical “academy award best sound effects edition” unlike the theatrical version which sounds good on its own.
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up "The Twilight Zone the movie" (1983) region 1 DVD DOLBY STEREO 5.1

    “The Twilight Zone the movie” (1983) arrived this morning. I was unaware a DVD existed till I saw a region2DVD in HMV last week. I decided to buy a region1DVD from as I can’t stand the PAL 4% speed-up.

    The picture quality looks brilliant but I’m really listening to is the DOLBY STEREO 5.1 with duel monaural surrounds with conventional LCR and occasional LFE.1 that supports certain scenes.

    Most of the bass is covered over LCR with small amounts in the surrounds. I find it a bit top end over the fronts on Jerry Goldsmith score but I can fix that with the Behringer DCX2496 I’ll just make a few trims to fatten up the bass/mid and lower the HF LCRS.

    The discrete use of (Burgess Meredith) narration on the opening introduction has his voice panning over LCR with effects that pass over the surrounds.

    Prologue: is creepy you don’t expect it Dan Aykroyd turning into some thing and attacking Albert Brooks LOL.

    I like segment #4 John Lithgow freaking out and causing panic at 20,000 feet while segment#3 music fades into the surrounds discretely low thunder rumble moves over LCR (at the same time) till a few seconds into John Valentine’s nightmare.
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    JBL 4645

    "The Twilight Zone the movie" (1983) LFE.1 "nightmare at 20,000 feet"

    I ran chapter 22, time, 81min 02sec though the spectrumlab and was expecting peak within 40Hz to 60Hz range.

    Wow this was kinder unexpected as the LFE.1 can be somewhat unpredictable even on some old films. The remix here shows the range extending down below 10Hz so be careful with the level.

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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up “COMA” (1978) region 1 DVD monaural

    Arrived two weeks ago and got nearly full days viewing over the lousy cheep bluray "Avatar" with crap (dtsHDMA) "Avatar" what a pile of puke!

    COMA is far better, spine tingling thriller that even had me paranoid at times thinking who’s behind the conspiracy plot to put patients in state of purpose comatose, to later have their organs remove on phone bidding.
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs down The Last of the Mohicans bluray dtsHDMA BANNED!

    Due for October 5th release and already its on the bluray dtsHDMA BANNED list for playing in this JBL home cinema.

    Fox are too lazy to give paying consumers DOLBY TRUE-HD and dtshdma on the same disc too lazy!
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs down Seven bluray dts HDMA BANNED!

    Seven due for October 25th release has already been placed on the bluray dts HDMA BANNED list for playing in this JBL home cinema.
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs up Eraser (1997) un-cut region1 DVD

    Two versions of the film/DVD the one on right side is the region2 BBFC cut version which I’ve had for 8 or 9 years now and the one on the left is the un-cut version with 3 minutes extra. The version on the CRT is US version as just can’t stand PAL 4% speed-up anymore.

    The first edition region1 DVD that I brought off about two weeks ago was all scratched up and beyond playing on the Pioneer DV-515 it locked-up with green pixels on the scope side of the double side DVD the panned and scanned side had fewer scratches but I don’t care for seeing a film panned and scanned with half the image missing.

    Some scenes where a gun is fired and somewhere in the soundtrack I can hear jump as if its missing a few in-between frames. When Monroe is shot in the PAL version its just one shot. In the US version its two shots and so on with other violent scenes.

    You have just been erased.

    The freight-train wreak, towards the end was the highlight to see the bad guys getting rammed into an exploding fireball heap of metal flaming carnage wreckage!

    This one delivers nice mindless action thought-out the films running time, even jumping out of jet airplane to catch the parachute that as fell out the plane. The visual effects, from stage action cut in with actual aerial footage makes the scene look daring, and with main chute damaged and one reserve chute left and Earth picking up fast had me, with sweaty palms as hate heights.

    I still think coming in a few miles per second or what ever would shatter ones legs landing onto the roof of car just seconds after reserve chute opens to decelerate the speed, or ether you’d have one BIG sprain ankle!

    If I select Dolby pro-logic on the surround channel to reroute key action surround pans to centre back as well as overheard matrix height has a computerized woman’s voice (“fire alert. Fire alert. This is not a drill. Please proceed to the nearest exit.”) sounding on the overheard while its still being passed though matrix decoder with (overheard switched off) it has faint sound on the centre back surround, only the water is heard from the sprinkler system.

    On left and right surrounds the voice is heard but muffled and only parts of the Alan Silvestri score is heard and this film was mixed some years before Dolby surround-EX came out in 1999.

    It sounds like anti-phase was applied. When sat to one side the room the overheard still sounds clearly while I look upwards as if there are small PA speakers in the buildings hallways sounding the alarm.

    Bass mid low end is not bad on the surrounds even while LCR/LFE.1 is muted with some levels coming in around 80dbc to 85dbc is plenty loud enough, they can reach just over (100dbc each) but are EQ for to give a level of single front channel otherwise I’d be drowned out in noise.
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    JBL 4645

    Thumbs down STAR WARS trilogy bluray fall 2011 dtsHDMA BANNED!

    A little birdie just told me.

    It's just been announced that the Blu-Ray box set will be 5.1 DTS-MA audio only, with no Dolby soundtrack.

    Therefore I have automatically BANNED STAR WARS on bluray to play in this JBL "JEDI BLASTER LIGHTSABER" home cinema.

    If this was HD-DVD it would be mandatory to use Dolby True-HD but it doesn’t seem fair on films that was released exclusively in dts on theatrical release. All I’m, looking for is equal consumer fairness and that just doesn’t exist on Bluray.

    STAR WARS has been the talk for years about its “surround sound” as some called in during early 80’s if it wasn’t for DOLBY who pioneered and made advanced audio improvements not just 35mm optical but for 70mm.

    Oh, well that’s it I'm no longer interested in George Lucas and his fucking flying crap of force. STAR WARS for me, finished yeas ago and this guy has forgot want the fans graciously want. He just won’t deliver and how hard or painful for him would it be, to release the originals?

    No one practically likes the DVD editions or that fast one that he pulled a few years after the 2004 release or was it 2005 with that so called original STAR WARS that was really taken directly from the THX laserdisc CAV box-set, RIP OFF!

    Well that’s no more rubbish bluray format for me.
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