Just a thread about my test on modern and vintage tube amps .

I just finish to rebuild a 1960's sansui au-111 vintage amplifier which I think is well known form hifi entousiast .
You might also know that Sansui was a Jbl distributor in Japan if i am not wrong ( correct me )

So I test this new baby ( 4x6l6gc) giving around 30-35 watts .

1- actual installation bi-amp with Xpl200 xover on 250 boxes + 250 Hp .
Transistor bass amp 120 watts
Medium amp are 2 rogue m-150 monoblocks kt88 150 watts each with mapletree tube preamp .
Active Xover rane Ac23.

2- test mono amp with the sansui au-111
Sound is very nice , medium has a softness I never had , bass if plenty but not as precise as bi amp .
overall musicality is very nice , precision is not as good as installtion 1 , Dynamic is ok but defenitely needs more power if you do not live in a studio
This is really a Vintage sound with Great musicality .

3 - test bi-amp with the sansui in high frequency :
Too much bass , imprecise , lost of dynamic : magic is gone .....

4. Test Rogue as stand alone amp : Result is good but bass is not as well controlled as in Bi amp less precision .

5. Come back to installation 1 .
precision , high dynamic ( 250 needs really 120/150 watts ) medium very precise but not as soft as in sansui au-111 .

may be I should try to test Kt66 instead of KT88 ????

Installation 1 give a very modern sound able to complete to any modern speakers .