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Thread: Diy Cabaret

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    Nice build- if I may, a simple addition of a series inductor on the mid would likely smooth things out quite a bit- .5mH would probably be a good starting point.

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    Hello John W,

    I see in post 14 of this thread that the crossover frequency between the 2119’s and 2404’s is near 4.2kHz.
    JBL calls the 2119 a high power 2118. I cannot put my eyes on any data for the 2119. Will you tell us more about how you selected the crossover frequency and your impressions regarding the performance?

    I am in the process of using 2118’s and hopefully 2404’s in a personal, compact 3-way, project.

    All just for fun!
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    I kept the original 4628 crossover frequency for the 2118/2404. From what I read at the time, it was best to treat the 2119 the same as a 2118.
    It seems like a fairly good range. You gain the advantages of the small horn and don't compromise too much in power handling. I don't think you should go much lower, and I'm not sure how much higher the 2118 will go before it begins to drop off on it's own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John W View Post
    Just finishing up on a pair of Cabaret-like 3 ways. Iíve had my eye on the 4628's for a while and decided to build a pair updated just a bit.

    The overall size, baffle layout and tuning are the same as the original but from there I made a few changes. One change was to mirror image the pair and angle the side walls back a little in a trapezoid fashion. I also set up the grills to wrap around the front a little, to reduce the side reflections if I decided to listen to them without the grills. The handles are recessed into the cabinets.

    Like the originals the cabinet material is birch plywood, hoping to make them a little lighter and tougher for lugging around. With the E145s they are still a back breaker no matter what you do.

    I already had the E145s and 2404s. The midranges are the equivalent but somewhat higher power 2119H rather than the 2118H.

    I started out with a home built version of the stock crossover. This sounded just ok in full-range mode but the speakers really came alive when bi-amped. Not sure I wanted to bi-amp all the time, I swapped in a charged coupled 800hz crossover from a different project. The other crossover is a lot more complex, but doesnít run the E145 full-range all the time. This sounded so much better, I decided to rebuild using this version. I kept in the bi-amp switch, which leaves the mid-tweeter section as is, and releases the E145 to run flat out.

    Anyway here are a few pictures.
    Great job!my friend want to make new 4628 just like yours,do you have the cab drawing?thank you!
    46 lover

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