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Thread: 4311Bs - amplifiers

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    4311Bs - amplifiers


    I'm a newbie and just got some 4311Bs which sound really good. I was wondering what amplifiers would have driven these in the studios, and what others use/recommend now.



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    Anything would drive them. Something that is 100 watts . More power that they are rated for is better than less! With 4311's "Screw moderation"!

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    4311b Amp

    My brother has my old pair of 4311b and he's useing a YAmaha MX-1000 (260x2) and the amp sounds very nice matched with the JBL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnd View Post
    I was wondering what amplifiers would have driven these in the studios....
    A good chance they were Crown D-series; D150 and DC300

    Quote Originally Posted by mnd View Post
    ...and what others use/recommend now.
    Crown D-series, Crown PS-series; D150A-II, DC300A-II, PS200, PS400
    Under $200 for nearly any of the above if you find a deal.

    Obviously more power is better but back then most JBL fans were powering their L100s quite nicely with 40-watt JBL integrated amps.

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    All my JBL's are driven by 80's vintage Yamaha amps. Smooth and warm sounding as far as SS amps go. I think for home use, you would have found many run by Marantz, Sansui, Yamaha in the mid-fi SS variety, McIntosh if you had the bucks. I'm not a tube guy, but that's always a suggested option.

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