If anyone recalls those lovely mint 120Ti's I bought 6 months ago, well I have kept in cantact with the seller (based in Scotland).

He's seriously looking at selling off his B&W's and seeing what JBL has to offer. Like most of us here, he likes the classics - Zep, Floyd, etc. so bottom end is important. Budget wise, I think we could be looking at S5800/S9800 territory here.

What should he be listening to in that price range and where can he actually do that in the UK. Are there any members with "serious" newish JBL's that could help out with a demo? Even the 4338 series coming out of Japan is a possible option - would that range have better bottom end kick than the S5800/9800's?

There's some good info in this thread - http://audioheritage.org/vbulletin/s...highlight=4338 and a great photo line-up (are those S5800 or S9800 in the background)

He should be along shortly to post...