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Thread: Interesting Article on Speaker Placement.

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    Interesting Article on Speaker Placement.

    Some of you may not have seen this.I found it helpful.

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    Not sure about this comment though.

    "Another reason for dull sound can be the use of two bridged stereo amplifiers, one for left and one for the right channel. As you know bridging generally gives dull sound"

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    You have to love it when "experts" throw suppositions around as facts. If you're allowed to do that you can back up any thing you wish to.

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    I'm always up for learning something, 'though I have to admit much of what he writes is not substantiated by my experience or other things I have read. He must be operating on a higher plane than I am, just by the names of the equipment he invokes.

    I'll stay in JBL land.

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    I can see how bridging could render hifi less high if it were at a very high level in the first place.

    The two channels of a stereo amp are rarely if ever identical in performance in all respects. Mixing the signals would cause some loss of clarity for sure. The question is, are the source, the rest of the rig, the room and the ears good enough to tell the difference?

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    I certainly agree that one should get his/her system as symmetrical as possible and to try moving the speakers a bit to find the best location.
    But his idea that with mirror imaged speakers the tweeters should always be in-bound is wrong.
    In a large, or at least very wide room, where the pair are set 8 ~ 10 ft apart, then yes, put the tweeters inside. But in a small room, where you may only have them 5 ~ 7ft apart, you get a better, and wider soundstage with the tweeters outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSF13 View Post
    Some of you may not have seen this.I found it helpful.
    f^&king hell! Sorry I canít open the page link because of some sodden lowlife scum and a mild virus I have on the pc!

    Iíve tried lots of positions with speaker location, particularly with three-screen LCR to get the best horizontal dispersion of sound, whether Iím seated or sat on the floor or standing up.

    Sorry I canít view the link, all I got was a Microsoft thingy saying debug or, I didnít send it, sorry I lost my cool.

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