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Thread: Finally!!! Won an Ultra Curve on Evil Bay

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    After getting more experience with this unit I'm finding this room mode calculator can really help:
    And also finding the DEQ2496's parametric eq is pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywave-Rider View Post
    Yes you can select frequencies below 80Hz when "autoEQing." When selecting your GEQ target, it defaults, when reset, to excluding those freqs. But you can select them manually by rolling the upper knob to the freq band and clicking the large data wheel to select it. After that,. hit the "page" button to continue with the process.
    I don't claim have discovered or to be versed all of the intricacies of DEQ2496 operation, even after several years of using it, but when I reset GEQ from the AutoEQ page, it defaults to all frequencies active. If I do it from the GEQ page first, it excludes the LF below 100 Hz, meaning it locks them at 0 dB and AutoEQ doesn't mess down there. :dunno:

    Also know if you hold the L/R button in to activate both channels, you can AutoEQ them both concurrently with one curve, but this requires careful positioning of the mic equidistant from the two speakers, which can easily be done watching the display with the RTA running. That accomplishes "system" average AutoEQ....

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