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Thread: Traveling Wilburys

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    Traveling Wilburys

    Nearly twenty years after the creation of the band, and over a decade since the music was last available to fans, the music of The Traveling Wilburys will be reissued on June 12, 2007. Both CDs are combined on this 2-CD/1-DVD release and feature bonus tracks of rare and newly mixed unreleased music. The all-region DVD contains historic footage documenting the first chord to the final mix, and the band's five video clips

    This is a great Cd . It was remastered recently.
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    Rats! I didn't know anything about this, and the Deluxe Edition is already sold out.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up.

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    I saw a few today at the local Barnes & Noble, let me know if you can't pick one up.


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