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Thread: Removing L300 Woofer.................

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    Removing L300 Woofer.................

    Best way to remove woofer? Lay it on it's back and remove screws.................any way to lift out woofer other than tilting it back up? Never did this before others with experience please help.


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    Yea - lay the cabinet on it's back.
    Remove the mounting screws.

    Now, the woof may be kinda "stuck" to the baffle - depends if anyone beat you in there... If so, you may have to nudge the woof a bit. Sometimes a tap with an acrylic headed hammer will be enough. Otherwise, you might need to wedge a putty knife beneath the basket - but put something under the knife so to not mar those beautiful baffles!

    Also, before removing the woof, lay a folded towel on the baffle for a place to rest the motor while you disconnect it.

    Be patient...

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    ... another one for... "the FAQ."

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