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Thread: Speaker Safari

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEAWOLF97 View Post
    didn't CC shoot themselves in both feet, losing a ton of bux on DIVX ??

    DIVX was developed by Circuit City and launched in 1997 as an alternative to DVD. DIVX discs cost $5 each, but could only be played for 48 hours on proprietary set-top players before a continuation fee was required to continue viewing. The player was connected to a phone line to check whether the disc was still valid.[70] Opposition to the format and limited acceptance by the public led Circuit City to discontinue the format in 1999. Circuit City took a US$114 million loss to close its DIVX division.

    I remember seeing JBL L7's in their demo room, but randomly placed and not even hooked up they did NOT want to sell them.
    In my defense, DIVX wasn’t my idea - I was just a lowly salesman. I left in 1995 or so after another round of commission cuts made it pretty much impossible to make over $28k/yr. The “Man on the street” opinion of DIVX seemed to be “I buy a movie, watch it, then throw it away? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard”. They were right. CC also came up with CarMax, so not all of their ideas were bad

    Even worse than your L7 comment - when I was in the Santa Barbara store, we had 250ti’s sitting on an endcap - not even in the demo room. In a sad way, CC was like Harman - Harman uses a few Halo products to add value to their brand, when they’re really just interested in selling OEM car audio and Bluetooth headphones. CC had a few good products, but was perfectly happy selling $799 Technics one piece rack systems all day long, as long as you sold an extended warranty with it.
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    Saw a local Craig's List ad over the weekend:

    (2)JBL 1" Horns
    JBL 1 Horns in McCauley boxes, at one time these things were the sh*t and I think i paid 2 grand for them.
    Been using them for shelfs for years, moving and they gotta go..FREE

    I responded in an email and got a reply that they'd already been promised to someone but, if it fell through, to leave a phone number. Today I was about to leave work and checked my messages, saw an unknown number and a voicemail. Caller said he was tired of waiting for the first responder and if I wanted them to they were sitting on his front porch and he gave me the address. A little chat brought forth that he had been running and installing sound systems in our town for nearly 50-years and even claimed to have taught friend of mine the art of sound reinforcement. He'd had a rough time recently with caring for parents who passed and he had just bought a house in Myrtle Beach and was leaving the area.

    I really had no idea what I would be seeing but I drove over to a neighborhood he described as "crack alley" and saw them in front of his house. After I loaded them in my truck and was about to leave, he came out and we talked for quite some time. Interesting guy with quite a history of being asked to join Jerry Lee Lewis' band as a drummer at the age of 13, only to miss the opportunity when Lewis got sick before he could leave town with them. Or so he said.

    So, here's what I got:
    (2) JBL 2461 compression drivers mounted to 2345 horns in plywood road cases with recessed twist latches designed to be tossed atop bass bins. The horns are seven serial numbers apart and the drivers are six. I'll check the DCR later, with no real expectation for them to be functional. Some pics later, too. (I'm working 11-days straight with no time off at the end of the month, as usual.) These are real road-warriors from the glory days of rock!

    UPDATE: Pleasant surprise. DCR 10 and 9.5. At least not blown.
    ". . . as you have no doubt noticed, no one told the 4345 that it can't work correctly so it does anyway."—Greg Timbers

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCCA View Post
    Saw a local Craig's List ad over the weekend:....
    you in "acquisition mode" again ?
    trying to fill new house ?

    or just deals that are impossible to pass ?

    I'd have taken 'em too, but nowhere to store anymore.
    we never fail to fail, it is the easiest thing to do

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    Thoughts Asking $95 expect to pay <$40

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEAWOLF97 View Post
    I'd have taken 'em too, but nowhere to store anymore.
    Hard to pass up free JBL Pro stuff. Even if only to do what I did with the sub cabs I stumbled on to . . . trade to someone here for something else I might like. Have yet to plug-in the Crown Studio Reference-II I got last time, but hope to.

    Don't know if I'll ever need or try these but they should make someone part of a good SR system! Old school — big, sturdy, and heavy!
    ". . . as you have no doubt noticed, no one told the 4345 that it can't work correctly so it does anyway."—Greg Timbers

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