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Thread: Speaker Safari

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Widget View Post
    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, I imagine the list of equipment that you have not owned is rather short.

    Have never even seen a Paragon, or most high end stuff .... used to visit Doug at Audio Specialties when in the area .. Did enjoy visiting audio row on Hawthorn, but out of my range , tho my first exposure to JBL (L-100's) was there.

    mostly mid-fi.
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    RE "Wonder how much they'll pay for the two I own?" LOL, thanks had a good laugh at this one. They'd probably beat you down on price for yours. Selling at $11K (probably USD, close $15K CAD!) i won't even dare looking at it. Don't spend much time looking at things i can't really afford...


    The pic you show of other B&O speakers sort of confirms what i wrote. The size of the surround on that small woofer is a clue of longer cone travel capability which it needs to make up for lack of driver diameter in order to move enough air for some LF reproduction.

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