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    Speaker Safari

    needed more projects ..still have my head above water , so went on a speakers safari today....loaded the Toyo up to the gills with :

    KEF Q-10's ...nice little English 6 inch coaxials

    Lancer by Soundcraftsman pair ...dont know what is in them, but sound pretty good, just need wood cosmetics

    Yamaha NS-690II's ....cast basket 12 inch 3 ways..was reading that these are essentially NS-1000's w/o the be tweeter. Need foam. looks like I'll have to trim the outer edge on the 12in foam to fit...sound good on their backs, firing up. Beautiful veneer. away with $20 for the whole gaggle....more projects , need more projects.

    Oh yeah..a single Pinnacle to match an orphan Pinnacle I already had...add $2

    was picking up an setting Yams and seemed quite heavy...LF and MF's are both cast....speaker weight is 58 pounds
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