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didn't CC shoot themselves in both feet, losing a ton of bux on DIVX ??

DIVX was developed by Circuit City and launched in 1997 as an alternative to DVD. DIVX discs cost $5 each, but could only be played for 48 hours on proprietary set-top players before a continuation fee was required to continue viewing. The player was connected to a phone line to check whether the disc was still valid.[70] Opposition to the format and limited acceptance by the public led Circuit City to discontinue the format in 1999. Circuit City took a US$114 million loss to close its DIVX division.


I remember seeing JBL L7's in their demo room, but randomly placed and not even hooked up ..like they did NOT want to sell them.
In my defense, DIVX wasn’t my idea - I was just a lowly salesman. I left in 1995 or so after another round of commission cuts made it pretty much impossible to make over $28k/yr. The “Man on the street” opinion of DIVX seemed to be “I buy a movie, watch it, then throw it away? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard”. They were right. CC also came up with CarMax, so not all of their ideas were bad

Even worse than your L7 comment - when I was in the Santa Barbara store, we had 250ti’s sitting on an endcap - not even in the demo room. In a sad way, CC was like Harman - Harman uses a few Halo products to add value to their brand, when they’re really just interested in selling OEM car audio and Bluetooth headphones. CC had a few good products, but was perfectly happy selling $799 Technics one piece rack systems all day long, as long as you sold an extended warranty with it.