I'm quite inspired by the posts on the 4345 monitor and i'm going to take the plunge! I've read the threads but before I start cutting I have a few questions....

Is the 4345 using a 2405H or 2405J? Is there a preference in terms of sonics? Is Charge-coupled 3145 crossover network (by Giskard) voiced for the 16 ohm or 8 ohm? Any differences?

Should the front of the 2405 driver be flush with the baffle or have a slight relief?

Are folks using 3/4" MDF for the panels/top or 1"? Is PB better?? How about the Baffle? Hardwood plywood or MDF?

In the original 4345 production speaker, is the front baffle only secured via the rabbet-dado joints as depicted in the schematics, or is it also secured via screws to the 1 by 3 bracing?