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Thread: Behringer DCX2496 digital x-over any good

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    JBL 4645
    Quote Originally Posted by Flodstroem View Post
    JBL 4645, you could have a look at this page. I purchased a panel like this for my level control box. Maybe you also could find some useful parts in there?
    That would work! Nice find, I’ll consider it. Not now as my next priority is to start building the floor in my living room. So this would have to wait at the bottom of the heap for several months. Some parts are cheap as chips but I don’t want to get sidetracked until I finished my floor.

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    JBL 4645
    Quote Originally Posted by Flodstroem View Post
    Yea! and when getting older a year goes twice as fast
    LOL please don't remind me. Keep a fresh healthy young mind.

    Got get some kip now I need to recharge the body with 1000 catnaps. Later.

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    JBL 4645
    If the CUP percentage is pushed to 0 chances are audio distortion will be heard. This is something I discovered a few nights ago.

    I added in some HP to the ABC input and tricked the unit to allow me to add in as many possible BP filters on the 6 outputs this of course crated some high frequency distortion a kind of crackling sound that had me worried at first before I sussed it out. It was running way past 0% more like -5%

    You have to input the filters very fast otherwise the unit will tell you to (reduce some filters or crossover slopes).

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    JBL 4645
    Another thing I forget to mention is the odd bass distortion on channel 1 starting at around -10db a kinder of crackle pop. I’m not sure if its down to using too many BP filters or other. No I haven’t damaged the DCX2496 it will play beyond -10db on channel 1 LF only it will have some crackle pop on cretin frequencies peaking above -10db.

    I’ll run a few tests to see if I can’t suss it out later on.

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    Some people have had complaints about the bass loosing its tightness with the DCX. Could that be related to the default settings in the dynamic eq? 100ms attack - 500ms release.

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    JBL 4645
    Quote Originally Posted by Lee in Montreal View Post
    Some people have had complaints about the bass loosing its tightness with the DCX. Could that be related to the default settings in the dynamic eq? 100ms attack - 500ms release.
    I don’t know I’ll run some tests with simple pink noise or sine wave or maybe some, The Empire Strikes Back (1980)! To see if it triggers any form of crackle. I know now not to place too many filters on the DCX2496 otherwise I get a crackle distortion on the HF that I noticed with STAR TREK the motion picture (1979) “the wormhole” which as some ear bending highs mostly peaking in the 8 KHz range. I first thought oh, no I’ve blown the HF drivers LOL! That can’t happen I have the audio limiters set to ON!

    And no it wasn’t the distortion into the audio limiter I tuned it OFF then set the level down lower on the master volume and it still crackled with a distortion sound. It took me several minutes to suss it out.

    The bass distortion crackle doesn’t happen on ant other channel other than channel 1 output. I even ran other channels into left LF by swapping the leads around to see if it was something to with left input channel. No it happened when I used centre and right.

    I also swapped the left channel input over to centre and right. It played fine well past -10db without any crackle issues. It could be down to the CPU on the DCX2496 that has a few week spots. We have we weak spots we’re not perfect, the DCX2496 is still a dogs, umm, I mean, (the cats bollocks) crossover for the price! I wouldn’t duff the DCX2496.

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    JBL 4645
    Same snug I tested it with THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK THX CAV laserdisc side2 the AT-AT attack! I set all the other BP filters to off muted all the remaining channels from 2 3 4 5 and 6.

    I turned down the amp level and turned up the master volume level until it reached around -10db on channel 1 and same issue a crackle distortion. If the unit was indeed faulty it would only be minor something incredibly easy to replace a simple component on that side of the audio chin.

    Anyway I might have a simple answer to get around this and that’s to use channel 2 as left LF and channel 1 as left HF since that channel (and I never allowed the HF to play loud) I’m not hard of hearing high frequencies, yet!

    I’ll pop back in jiffy.

    Edt: Oh, I almost forget! I’d might as re-order all the outputs rather than

    Ch1) left LF
    Ch2) left HF
    Ch3) centre LF
    Ch4) centre HF
    Ch5) right LF
    Ch6) right HF

    It would now be

    Ch1) left HF
    Ch2) left LF
    Ch3) centre HF
    Ch4) centre LF
    Ch5) right HF
    Ch6) right LF

    That is what I like about the DCX2496 it’s flexible! you can tailor it to any output fashion.

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    JBL 4645
    Sigh, its only reduced it to around -8db now not much of big difference its elusive? I don’t often run the outputs to -10db not for any film or music.

    You might as well run a thorough test yourself to confirm. I’m going to run a battery of tests to see if its something that I overlooked some time back.

    Also re-ordering the channels was almost the best mind f$*k yet because I’ve been so used to the original order for 5 yeas now, and it was doing my head in, I would have had to manually sent over all the EQ filters to the other channels swapping them around and re-testing with wideband pink this, would have taken hours.

    This doesn’t happen on channel 2B 3B 4C and 6C? Why channel A, 1A 2A? It doesn’t distort on the main ABC inputs? Only when the level is sent over -10db on the 1A and 2A outputs?

    It could be fault that came off the production line at Behringer with hundreds of the same model that no ones cared to notice because there are only so few true listeners that would spot something not right!?

    I know buy another DCX2496 and yes I do need another one in fact x3 more well the very least x4 then.

    Edit:Okay sigh! I ran the frequency crossover over set to 20Hz and moved the scale of the upper end of the crossover up higher past 1 KHz and it’s a bit hard to tell because of the sound coming off the film the mid and higher sounds could be masking it! Or I can’t hear it because the middle and higher sounds are more sensitive on my listening ear!

    I’m sure this only happens within a narrow range of the lows at a cretin level range why? I don’t know why? I don’t have the secrets to the universe I can’t help the rainforest so, my next best guess is trail and error to figure this, thing out?

    Edit:Okay, Lee if you think you can suss this, out I’d like to read it!

    I set the crossover to 410Hz 2.30 KHz with Falcon fly by left channel as the Ti-fighters chase after it after the hyper-drive as failed, no issue the level reaches up -2db no crackle I going to run some individual sine wave tones see what that sounds like!

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    DCX2496 mods

    This thread seems to have moved away from DCX2496 related matters, but I'll post here anyway in case somebody wants to fool with their DCX. I made a noticeable improvement simply by eliminating the input coupling capacitors, and replacing the remaining, necessary coupling capacitors with Nichicons. My DCX didn't sound bad from the factory, but I heard some "lack of refinement". The eventual goal is to replace the capacitors and the op-amps, but I decided to experiment and just replace the caps first. I decided the input caps were unneccessary for home use, as the preceding unit in my system has more or less no DC at its output (Oppo BDP-95 XLR balanced output). So I shorted C8, C9, C26, C27, C41 and C42 with wire. I removed the caps first, but that's not really necessary. I left C10 and C11 since these block the phantom power to the microphone. For the coupling caps remaining in the input circuits, C6, C13 and C28, I substituted Nichicon KA caps from Mouser, 100uF @ 35V: These are a new series from Nichicon good for 105C. I doubt they'll ever get nearly that hot in my DCX, but 105C caps are generally better quality than 85C caps. Nichicon claims they're good for audio, so I gave them a try. On the output side (C43 through C48), the selection of caps was a bit different. The outputs of the difference amps from the DACs (for example, IC1A) run near 0 VDC, depending on the DC offset between the DAC outputs, the op-amp input offsets, etc. The caps couple to an op-amp input that is once again near 0 VDC, so the DC across the caps can be a little positive or negative. Behringer used another polar cap here, probably for BOM consolidation, rather than technical reasons. I decided to try Nichicon ES bipolars, 100uF @ 35V. I've used them before and they worked quite well. Like the other times I've used Nichicon caps, it took a few hours of operation before they sounded good. I can only imagine the caps continue forming from the leakage current, but who knows. In any event, they smoothed out after about 10 hours of use, and the result is pretty gratifying. The "lack of refinement" is gone. Details of the music come through better, and the slight roughness on vocals is gone. I still intend to replace the op-amps, but if you're on a super-budget, this is a very inexpensive upgrade that's doable at your kitchen table (or wherever). Obviously, before you eliminate the input caps, you should make sure the DC from the previous unit is under control. Now, after listening a while, I've decided the best way to describe the difference is "more open".
    Oppo BDP-95 DCX-2496 RMX-850 Parasound A21 First Watt J2 Dayton RSS390HF-4 MTM Quads of SEAS W18E001 511Bs TAD TD-2002

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