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Thread: Beyma CP21F vs 2405H

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    Beyma CP21F vs 2405H

    Anyone has experience with CP21F ?

    I have searched the forum and found that Infredible is using them in a modified L100, and found them "really sweet, close to the 2405 but a little more beamy".

    They can be get new for 1/4 the price of a 2405 in France, but do they stand the comparison? Do they need a modified network when used in place of 2405 in a 4344 for example?

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    Maron Horonzakz
    Beyma is a bit beamy because if you look down the throat it does not have the 2404 verticle slot....a diffraction slot to splay high frequencies across the baby cheeks for more even distersion.

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