Hi all at last I am ready to start building my final solution speakers. These will be a kind of L300 clone. This is a project that I have been fermenting for some time ie. about 25 years. I first heard L300s way back in the 70's and the sound signature stuck with me ever since , like an itch you cant scratch.
I know there are bigger and better monitors but space considerations come into the equation also.
The purpose of this thread is to create a step by step guide to cabinet building using the minimum of tools and shop facilities, in other words the simplest easiest way that anyone with moderate skills can achieve a good result.
My project carries some quirks in that I am going to emulate the L300 cabinet but with different dimensions , hence the rounded corners will require more work than a standard rectangular box, however the build methods remain the same for both.
I would like this thread to remain clear of comments in order that the process is easily followed by anyone who cares to have a go , however I am open to any input along the way.
To that end please post comments and input on the other thread ' Backyard box building ' and quote the relevant page / post number.
I will also be calling on the expertise of the gurus at a later stage but that will come along as the build progresses. Here we go-------