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Thread: class A amp project for Mark

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    7,103 Forbidden Planet.

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    Make sure the ID doesn't get the best of you. You don't want to terrorize people while you sleep! Looks great.


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    ID has come through the wall literally.

    I had an opportunity to wind it up this afternoon while the rest of the neighbourhood was recovering from last night’s tennis.

    If the ID were the sound it can only be described as watching the Queen Mary being spun into a blur on a dime and stopped instantly!

    The dynamic contrasts are spectacular and it shows in just how accurate the JBL's portray this aspect The degree of realism in this respect is quite uncanny.

    These qualities extend to a sense of tone, of depth and dimensionality that cannot be expressed in words.

    I imagine a 1500AL user would be beaming at the thought.

    Put simply its a music lovers amp.

    Be it heavy metal, rock , jazz or acoustic solo.

    There is scope for some tweaking and following consultation with the The Master and some other diyaudio people we plan to try a parallel cascoded P channel Jfet front end swap.


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