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Thread: Alesis AR300 is the choice

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    JBL 4645

    Smile Alesis AR300 is the choice

    Just ordered an Alesis AR300 for a starting of price of £69.99 special offer, with next day delivery total £74.99, should be here in morning with any luck.

    What made me change my mind about Behringer A-500, well I asked if they had any in stock and the answer was no! So I then proceed to plan B.

    Its been some 13 years since Iíve owned an Alesis amplifier model A-100 which I sold around 13 years, so looks like Iíve decided outfit the new sound system with Alesis A300, over the next few months.

    Plan is to install x3 for the left centre right in Bi-Amp mode, and then install 4x for the surround channels, hopefully over the course of time Iíll add another DXC to the sound chain for the surrounds.

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    JBL 4645
    Just turned on the home cinema system with a strange incident without failure it was a when powering up the Alesis RA300 I heard and saw a small spark sound within the casing of the Alesis RA300 now this unit is partially new expect its an ex-demo model from Turnkey.

    The was a smell as has well as if it where a small moff that had got caught within and over the electronics of live wiring. Iíve just ran a simple pink noise test over left and right to see if thereís any loss in quality of sound and all seems fine.

    Iíll call Turnkey in the morning and get a little more history about it, I mean I have Marartz amplifiers that have been run hard since I picked them up second-hand 19 years ago plus they where produced around the early 1980ís and have been driven hard over the last 19 years and still no problems.

    It could have been a moff, Iíll be keeping a close eye on it for now. I tired to get the top panel off but it was tough one, so I replaced the screws I wanted to see if there was anything between the left-hand side of the amplifier that was stuck between part of the PCB.


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    JBL 4645

    Yesterday played (The Madonna Immaculate Collection) track 8 ďLive To TellĒ in stereo mode with sub bass extension and with the fader set at +4db bass +4db treble +4db on the Kenwoodís KRF-X9050D internal settings. Set the bass on the mixer to +4db set the sub bass EQ output for 25Hz and 40Hz to each +6db and WOW the warm tones of the low end was pressing on my body via the JBL 4645 the JBL Control 5 where producing exceptionally good stereo imaging and bass kick the odd syllable was a touch bright around the 4 to 6Khz range, but then again it was loud.

    I forget to switch on the SPL db metre but I know the levels where below 85dbA only the bass and sub bass extension would have been close to 100dbC.

    Still itís a neat track to check out intelligibility of lyrics and robustness on the dynamics. Sorry guys I have a soft spot for Madonna.

    Towards the end of the track the depth in the sub bass extension grows tighter and deeper it was pressing that exclusive JBL chest pressing sound and waving the t-shirt. I was cross leg sat on the floor in a zen relaxed mood.

    At the present time Iíve turned the fader level down to -20db the level display on the RA300 was half lit. The clipping lights on the DCX2496 where active or rather the audio limiters that are set for -24db kept the JBL Control 5 playing freely from harmful peaks, it worked brilliantly.

    The Live To Tell track doesnít carry all that high mid range tone like the rest of the tracks do. Thatís why it sounded ok at high level it was more low end and tonally moody as well.

    Afterwards I played it again over again track 8 Live To Tell and noted about 15% of the level was going over 85dbA mostly mid range tones and the odd high instrumental note.

    Bass kick and sub bass extension, I wasnít monitoring that part except it was pressing on me tightly!

    The input display on the DCX2496 was -20db and out was around -40db, Iíve added quite a bit of EQ and dynamic EQ on the DCX2496 to handle well for films and keep the balance of Luke Skywalkerís lightsaber in Return of the Jedi timbre matched in the forest when thrown from speeder bike, lightsaber pans from centre to right with smooth control.

    Anyway back down to -20db.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBL 4645 View Post
    The was a smell as has well as if it where a small moff that had got caught within and over the electronics of live wiring. Iíve just ran a simple pink noise test over left and right to see if thereís any loss in quality of sound and all seems fine.

    It could have been a moff, Iíll be keeping a close eye on it for now. I tired to get the top panel off but it was tough one, so I replaced the screws I wanted to see if there was anything between the left-hand side of the amplifier that was stuck between part of the PCB.
    If it was small , cudnt have been a "grand moff" , musta been a "sector moff"


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    Grand Moff Insignia

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    JBL 4645

    Thanks I had a little confusion with my spelling on that one LOL Moth! Not Moff!

    Grand Moff Tarkin was the commander of the first Death Star. He was a ruthless and brilliant military commander, but he died in the explosion of the Death Star at the end of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. He is referred to as "Governor Tarkin" in the film.

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    JBL 4645
    Well just ordered a second Alesis RA300 from Digital Village UK. Turnkey was out of stock of the Alesis RA300 would you believe that. So looks like my order will go out out tomorrow for a Friday 15th delivery.

    Digital Village, sounded a lot faster and that sounded like good business to me, but donít get me wrong Turnkey, is still good for brand new bargain hunting for PA equipment.

    Oh there was only a trifle difference in the price between Turnkey and Digital Village the
    Alesis RA300 was going for £119.00 at Digital Village with £6.00 pounds delivery total £126.00.

    Turnkey is doing the Alesis RA300 for £117.99 plus £5.99 for delivery total £123.98.

    Well Iím not waiting 5 to 10 days for them to order one in and then wait another 5 days because its still hasnít come in to the warehouse, this was the issue with the DCX2496 3 weeks waiting plus few more days for them to deliver it!

    So itís all about fishing around for your products for early the earliest dispatch.

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    JBL 4645
    Well, well, well, it looks like it turned up early than expected I thought it was going to be Friday 15th.

    Pictures to follow within the next few hours, the re-chargeable batteries for the digital camera are charging up! So I canít take any more additional pictures for the time being or upload, a few hours.

    Well this is becoming a routine thing now, kinder like a Shuttle being launch on schedule. Its going to be quite hard to find some place to store the Marartz 1050 and 1030 once all the Alesis RA300 are installed. Besides that I have to get a rack system somewhere in-between all this installation and re-wire the mains with a new layout configuration that would be user-friendly.


    Anyway time to switch some of the channels around, basically a little re-plugging to do, Iíll use the second Alesis RA300 temporarily for centre front and centre back. Once the third one is ordered which should be in two weeks, Iíll then use all three for the JBL Control 5 and think about switching over to (active crossover mode).

    Loudspeaker cable

    Iíll have to pop on down to D.J. Electronics, and get some loudspeaker cable new runs for the fronts that would be thin, but of adequate strength and affordable quality as six runs will be needed for the LF and HF each run will be the same length!

    Well Iíll see how the Alesis RA300 comparers with the JBL Control 5 on the front centre and with the JBL Control 1 centre back.

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    JBL 4645
    Three-screen bass response on Titanic original first edition region 2 DVD is so choice with the Alesis RA300.

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    JBL 4645
    Well youíve all heard the saying it pays to shop around! Oh man, I could have brought my second Alesis RA300 last week for this price! Details below, well I hate to do this but thatís where Iíll be getting the third one from and I thought Turnkey was thee most affordable music PA store in the UK with Digital Village second, but then again know likes others doing the Alesis RA300 less then they! Hmm eyes rolling now.

    Product Code: 359610Our price: £107.50 ex VAT£126.31 inc VATStock: In Stock

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    JBL 4645
    LOL hereís a thing Iíve noticed since installing the Alesis RA330 its damn warm in this room I thought it was the night summer warm air, but Iíve just been outside and itís a little nippy its raining.

    So I know for sure no itís the amplifiers with its rising heat, its sweltering in here!

    Opened the window lets see if that cools down the room shall we?

    One thing for share itís going to be useful in the wintertime.

    When I get around to fitting them in the racks, Iíll fit a few pc fans around it to keep it a little cooler the fans are whisper quite so they wonít distract the film.

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    JBL 4645
    Last night or rather early this morning I disconnected the Aliesis RA300 that is placed on top of the other Alesis RA300 and flipped the lid off to inspect the unit as it its brand new.

    The problem was the humming and no its not a ground mains ground loop humming issue. It was the casing be too tight and pressing against the transformer that buzzed when placing my hand on the top of the unit and so with my instinct telling me to open the top up and reseal the lid it worked find or sounded fine, I mean I couldnít deal with fan noise no way!

    Anyway this might have been over tightened at the factory before being shipped never mind testing it to make sure it doesnít hum from the casing, anyway end of story Iím pleased more than pleased, so there it is.

    I wonder if anyone else has one out many of the same make and probably the same batch as well that hums it might be a sub active bass unit or it might be an amplifiers casing.

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    Alesis RA500

    I purchased an alesis RA500 about a year ago and plugged it in brand new, heard a snap and smelled a burning in the air, disconnected it and sent it back. I never heard what was wrong from the factory but they shipped another amp and it has worked great. Also, it damaged the woofer coil on the center channel and it had to be reconed. I am using 2 alesis matica 900s without problem but the fan noise is bad for home use

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    JBL 4645
    Posted last year...

    Received my third Alesis RA300 this afternoon and itís plugged up for the LFE.1 in (bridge mode) only.

    Thou slightly behind and other three Alesis RA300 for basic 7.1 configuration isnít really enough for the requirements as I have a dozen ideas bouncing around in my head.

    One thing is clearly evident and thatís the clutter thatís starting to build up! I really need to get those Samson 19Ē racks and do this with slight bit of professionalism and house all the equipment in the bedroom, with a set of holes drilled though the wall and the cables passed though it for a neat and tidy look.

    Iím warming the third Alesis RA300 up the moment with my personal six-track Dolby stereo copy of RAMBO III (1988) that wonít be realised on region 2 DVD till next year.

    LCRS bass extension is still be directed to the Eltax A 12-R sub while the JBL 4645 calmly handles LFE.1 effects only.

    The prison breakout where John Rambo fails on his first attempt has nice blend of isolated screen front information of rapid machinegun fire grade pin, retracting and being heard to screen left HF! Dialogue speech indelibility is terrific as well to help understand what is happen ďloud and clearĒ thou not ear busting!

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    JBL 4645
    Okay so at present running three RA300 and here’s strange thingy or two?

    Most of the time when turning them on they tend to not bother in responding to any single but only a few RA300.

    The RA300 for the JBL 4645 in bridge mode fine no issues and that is ran harder than the rest in regards to the limited bandwidth of the LFE.1 signal.

    The right front for LF is okay when turning stereo left and right LF ON!
    Expect for the left channel which needs a bit of signal to wake it up and then it runs fine. But there isn’t any need for that something maybe minor fault with its thermal or other mode that mutes the signal when turning on the RA300 to prevent popping sounds.

    Centre LF is a bit weird but after a little warm up it runs fine same deal with the centre back. One of the RA300 was a B-stock only cost around I think £80.00 pounds over the lowest £130.00 at best.

    Now I can’t place my finger on it but the other RA300 was brand new in the box along with the third one that I brought last year. I think I run the third newest one with the JBL 4645, yes positive!

    So does anyone have clue as to what the fault might be because I sent Alesis an email and all I get back is sodden do you what to buy is this and I’m thinking they just don’t fu&*king care.

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    JBL 4645
    Looking at the Reference Manual and there is contract number here in the UK under Sound Technology at +44.1462.480000.

    Iíll call tomorrow and see if someone canít be a little more helpful.

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